Programs To Help Active People Eliminate Pain And Improve Mobility

Programs To Help Active People Eliminate Pain And Improve Mobility

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By Youssef

Which Course is Right for You?

Whether you’ve got chronic pain that you haven’t been able to fix despite your best efforts or you’re an athlete looking to improve your mobility for your sport, we take pride in delivering efficient (i.e. 15-20 minute routines you can do at home) and effective courses to help you reach your goals. 

Sign up for one of our courses and we promise that you’ll:

  1. Learn exercises you can do, regardless of your fitness level
  2. Be guided step-by-step with easy-to-follow instructions
  3. Be able to fit the program into your busy life
  4. Get the support you need, when you need it
  5. Move more freely with less pain and greater mobility and control

To back this up we’ve got you covered by our industry leading 1-year money-back guarantee*, so you’ve got 1 full year to hold us to our promises and if we don’t keep it or you’re unsatisfied for any other reason, all you’ve got to do is email us and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

* For Precision Movement Academy memberships, the refund period is 30 days. 


Traditionally, most people start their journey with one of our targeted programs as they’re a great way to become familiar with Precision Movement methods and terminology.

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution

If you’ve got tight shoulders, the Shoulder Flexibility Solution will help you zero-in on your biggest limiting factor via a quick assessment, after which you’ll be prescribed specific routines to help you gain ranges of motion that you may not have had in years.

The Hip Flexibility Solution

Everyone from office workers to professional MMA fighters have successfully used the Hip Flexibility Solution to unlock their tight hips. Tight hips can hold you back from being able to execute fundamental movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts with proper technique, contribute to low back and knee pain, prevent you from realizing your athletic potential and worst of all – can leave you feeling old and stiff.

TFL Pain Solution

​If you’re suffering from chronic pain in your tensor fasciae latae (TFL) muscle, restoring proper function to all muscles of the hip – not just the glutes – is the path to lasting relief and the 2-phase TFL Pain Solution will do just that.

Scap Strength

Your scapulae are the foundation of your shoulders and if you’ve never truly focused on performing exercises build target them, they won’t be the solid foundation you need for strong and healthy shoulders. Scap Strength is a 3 phase progressive program that focuses on this important and neglected area of your body. Whether you press, pull, row, throw, punch or swing, you’ll do so with greater power and control after following Scap Strength 


The Control series includes 5 x 12-week courses designed to restore optimal function to every area of your body in a systematic way: spine, hip, shoulder, upper limb (elbows/wrists/hands) and lower limb (knees/ankles/feet). 

If your ultimate goal is movement longevity then you will want to complete every course as you’ll leave with a full understanding of what your body is capable of, what it can do right now and how to train it for optimal function so you can get back to and keep doing the things you love.

Spine Control

Whether you want to be finally rid of chronic low back pain or you want to get your spine moving the way it’s designed to, Spine Control’s got your back and will restore lost ranges of motion in a safe and progressive way. 

Hip Control

The common lower body exercises we do neglect 3 important muscle groups leading to muscular imbalances, pain and tightness. Hip Control will restore muscular balance and function and improve your mobility and strength.

Shoulder Control

The shoulder is the most complex joint designed for one thing: MOBILITY. Thing is, if your shoulders are tight, typical static stretching is the worst thing you can do for them as it’ll decrease stability. Shoulder Control will teach you how to properly develop mobility for strong and healthy shoulders.

Lower Limb Control

When was the last time you trained your feet or ankles? While commonly neglected, they are your connection to the ground and if they’re not functioning properly, it will result in compensation somewhere up the chain. Lower Limb Control will restore proper foot, ankle and knee function, ensuring you’re moving with stability and control.

Upper Limb Control

If you’ve got recurring problems or tightness in your wrists or elbows, issues like tennis or golfers elbow or stubborn shoulder pain that hasn’t responded to shoulder specific protocols, give Upper Limb Control a shot to fix these issues and more.


If you’re serious about being able to move freely and without pain for the rest of your life then you’ll want to follow the entire Control series and integrate the other programs as needed. That’s why I’d like to invite you to learn more about the Precision Movement Academy where you get access to every program and course and additional complementary content not found elsewhere to optimize your body for pain-free movement and mobility at a significant discount.

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

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Dear Friend,

If you want to strip off excess body fat and build impressive levels of endurance while rewiring your muscles with the kind of primal power and control that repairs joints and prevents injury…

This letter will show you how one Disabled Marine did it…

And how you can do it too, without any fancy equipment, and in less time than you might imagine.

Here’s the story.

Hi, my name is Helder Gomes. And I’m a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran. Yet you’d never guess it from watching me train.

In fact, some of my clients call me “The Super Soldier”.

I try not to let it go to my head. But secretly, I kind of like it.

Imagine being told your body will never be able to do what it used to. Not even come close. And that you’ll have to settle for a life of “soft, weak and tired”.

Then imagine the looks on their faces when you not only prove them wrong, but suddenly…

You Are Showing Up Guys

Half Your Age

When the odds are stacked against you, you can’t help but bathe in victory just a little.

Super Soldier? That’s an Army thing. But, yeah… I’ll take it.

Anyway, what does this have to do with you?

The answer is simple.

I want to give you my “super soldier serum”.

If you’re willing to put it to the test, I believe it will change the way you train forever.

Why? Because…

It Turns Ordinary Exercises Into

Body Re-Building Machines

And when put to work, these “machines” will prove — beyond a shadow of a doubt — your body’s best years are yet to come.

This underscores an important point…

See, you don’t need expensive gym memberships, functional training “circus tricks”, or puke-inducing workouts to gain an advantage over other men.

No. With what I’m about to reveal, you can unlock the hidden power in even the most basic exercises to revitalize your body and build high levels of fitness… with less reps, and no matter your age.


You’ll unleash a level of inner strength and confidence you may not know you possess right now… even if It’s buried beneath years of wear and tear.

So, if you suspect you’ve stumbled onto something unlike anything you’ll ever hear about from your average clipboard-toting trainer, you’re right. In fact…

What you are about to discover is the same secret training method I’ve taught to some of…

The Most Dangerous

Men On The Planet

These are some of the scariest dudes you’ll ever lay eyes on… who have high fitness standards to meet for their jobs, but can’t afford to be fatigued and sore all the time.

I’m talking about members of the leanest and meanest fighting groups in South America and Eastern Europe…

Special Operations Units in the Middle East…

And First Responders, fellow Devil Dogs and former Navy Seals back in the States.

They have the resources to train in any discipline they’d like. And yet, time and again they contract me out for days (to weeks) at a clip to pace them through my system.

Why? One dead-serious reason: they need one of the good guys to expose and eliminate their weaknesses before the “enemy” does.

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it…

How Does A Washed Up Soldier Who

Can’t Dress Himself Without Debilitating Pain,

Go On To Become Trusted Fitness Instructor To

Professional Warriors Whose Conditioning Is

The Difference Between Life And Death?

I’ll tell you how…

You throw out all the “rules” that Average Fitness Joes live by.

Let me give you some perspective…

See, when your body starts falling apart you’re slower to get going in the morning… fighting more aches and pains throughout the day… setbacks come more frequently, and motivation to exercise gets harder and harder to come by.

It’s nearly impossible to stick to a program when you feel beat up and blue all the time.

Worst part is, this screws with your hormones, eating away at lean muscle mass, and packing fat around your midsection and sag around your chest.

No Wonder So Many Guys

Turn Into Women As They Age!

(and not by their own choice)

I was headed down that path.

Take a look at this picture…

Just don’t be fooled by the smile, because…

There are three important things

this picture is hiding from you…

First, my wife isn’t hugging me; she’s holding me up. That’s why we’re standing so far apart.

Second, I’m covered in sunscreen and shame. And only one of them was going to wash off.

Third, I’ve lost all sense of purpose in my life.

The Marines had long since classified me no longer “fit to serve”. I’d fallen from bad-ass to fat-ass. I was just waiting for the day my wife could no longer stand the sight of me and finally wise up and hit the bricks in search of a real man. And I saw nothing but darkness in my future.

In fact…

I Shudder To Think About Where I’d Be

Now If It Weren’t For The Intestinal Fortitude

The Corps Had Hardwired Into My Brain

I remember sitting there not too long after this photo was taken. Just staring at it. Thinking, Man, what a certified piece of dogshit you’ve become.

I couldn’t get through a night without waking up in a cold sweat. Couldn’t put on a shirt without feeling like my shoulder was being ripped out of the socket. I couldn’t even make it from my bedroom to the bathroom on my own two feet, most days.


I cringed at the thought of being the dad that has to sit back and watch as some other guy teaches his kid how to play sports, or how to defend himself, or how to be an honorable man.

Why am I telling you all this? Not for your pity. But, because it’s important you know where I’m coming from if my advice is going to mean anything to you (even if that means being transparent to the point of risking embarrassment). Anyway, it should be obvious that…

I Was Living A Nightmare

And it wasn’t for lack of trying either. I’d easily drop money I didn’t really have on books and dvds and trainers. But, even beginner or “easy” workouts turned out to be anything but. In fact…

A lot of it was actually doing me more harm than good.

Most programs seemed to be created for young, able bodies. And most trainers didn’t know what to do with a body that had limitations.

So just about anything I put my body through left me regretting it the next morning.

And the doctors? Their only answer for my shoulder was: “Try not to lift your arm too high”. Their solution for my knee was to stitch in parts from a dead man to replace the parts that were missing; and even then I was told I’d still never walk in total comfort…

Everyone Expected Me To

Suck It Up And Deal With It

They told me to take it easy.

And that “acceptance” was the first step towards happiness.

And a bunch of other head-shrink stuff. Well…

They obviously didn’t know who they were talking to.

Because, able-bodied or not…

I still had the drive of a Marine

No one could give me answers, so…

I went out and found them on my own.

I knew I needed to take my research “off-grid”, and…

It was there…

…on the darker corners of the fitness and human performance world that I’d spend my days and nights.

And guess what I discovered?

Almost Everything I Thought I Knew

About Building Lasting Strength, Flexibility

And Fat Loss Was Dead Wrong

At an unconventional strength seminar I tracked down a bear of a man known as “The Crazy Russian”… who exposed me to weird “mental tricks” to elevating your strength simply by changing the way you THINK about how your muscles move your body…

This stuff had nothing to do with working harder,

and everything to do with working smarter…

I studied somatic exercise and other therapeutic modalities… looking for secrets to rejuvenating a body that’s
stopped responding to exercise the way it used to.

I even ran into this “off-the-wall” body worker who believed most personal trainers should be charged with gross negligence — if not physical abuse — for much of what they subject their clients to. But…

The secrets he revealed about

posture, pain and performance

blew my mind…

And hesitant as I was, I even threw myself into the martial arts… in hopes of uncovering how some of these guys keep kicking ass well into old age. And to my shock…

Punching arts, kicking arts, grappling arts… knife, stick and weapons fighting… all of them… had a very real “magic” of internal power and body control that…

Unlocked a way to moving smoothly

and easily… yet still generating enough power to

shake another man down to his core…

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once I dove headlong into the rabbit hole, I found myself mixed up in some controversial exercise theories and strange body disciplines.

The kind of stuff you almost never hear about in the magazines or mainstream media. This is why…

The “Super Soldier Serum” I Developed By

Scouring The Fringes Of The Fitness World Over

The Past Decade Has Nothing To Do With Following

The “Rules” Average Fitness Joes Play By

Look, as a guy who was once a complete and total mess, I can tell you I’m pretty darn vigilant about what I subject my body to. So when I started experimenting with all the secrets I was digging up, I kept close track of how my body responded. And guess what?

  • Almost instantly, I began to chip away at the soft, weak and tired man my injuries had turned me into.
  • A sudden stream of steady “all-day energy” coursed through my veins.
  • A reclaimed sense of strength, flexibility and range of movement now powered my body, and…
  • I found myself traininghard”… without feeling like I was going to pass out or blow another gasket.
  • No more next day exercise pain.
  • I even slashed 60 pounds off my fat-bodied-frame… slapped on lean, defined muscle… and found myself with a physique I could finally be proud of.

But it gets better because…

I started doing things with my body that not only shocked the hell out of the doctors who told me my best days were behind me… but gave my “glory days” a run for their money.

Imagine their surprise when I ran the New York City Marathon.

Or when they saw videos of me tossing around kettlebells like they were softballs.

Or when they heard I was rolling around on the mat with champion martial artists.

Best of all, my friends and family were now looking at me with a newfound sense of pride and respect, instead of doubt and pity.

I felt like I had…

A New Lease On Life!

And it wasn’t long before guys started talking…

…and word spread through back channels and I was getting cryptic messages from some dangerous dudes who wanted a peak behind the curtain.

They wouldn’t take no for an answer. And yet…

When I started letting them in on it, they couldn’t believe the simplicity. But I told them…

After years of putting countless moves, methods and strategies under a microscope, I discovered the most powerful secrets all had one thing in common:

Instead Of Training Your Muscles…

They Train Your Nervous System

How does that work?

Well, the first step of this is a simple mental shift.

That’s because you can’t separate your muscles from your nervous system (not unless your a dead man). No…

The key in this first step is simply understanding that your nervous system CONTROLS your muscles. Like a puppet master, it’s pulling your muscles strings. And it dictates what they do and how they feel.

In other words, it determines your strength, flexibility and pain. In ways that most guys are normally NOT aware of.

Anyway, the second part of this is to…

STOP Training Like An Average

Fitness Joe And… START Training Like

A Precision Fitness Operator

You can think of it like the difference between hammering the gas for more acceleration, and fine-tuning your engine for greater horsepower.

This is why I named my secret training system the Precision Fitness Operator System (PFO-Sys for short).

See, I figured out there are three “Power Principles” that separate Average Fitness Joes (AFJs) from Precision Fitness Operators (PFOs)…

…and allow you to train like the puppet master, instead of the puppet… so you can eliminate weakness and build combat ready conditioning at any age.

Want to know them? Good.

Here they are:

POWER PRINCIPLE #1: Precision Fitness Operators Sharpen Their Neural Drive

They understand that your mind drives your movement. Not in some airy-fairy “woo woo” sense. The science is clear on this. So much so that studies have shown your brain can regulate force production without you ever having to move a muscle.

This is why mental imagery can cause strength gains, it’s also why certain lower body exercises can increase the strength of your upper body, or why stretching one limb can increase the flexibility of another (unstretched) limb. So…

While AFJs train their muscles, PFOs sharpen their neural drive, and train their brain to send stronger, clearer signals to their muscles, which translates to more muscle engagement by recruiting more muscle fibers (or getting the fibers to work more quickly and efficiently).

This “reprograms” your nervous system so it activates the right muscle fibers with greater precision… granting you better muscle contraction/relaxation balance… and developing a primal strength and control that AFJs may never know…

POWER PRINCIPLE #2: Precision Fitness Operators Shore Up Their Structural Leaks

They understand that “unified movement” makes every exercise safer, more efficient and more powerful. Don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t about “whole body” versus “isolation” training. Think of it this way…

Every good fighter pilot runs through a pre-flight checklist, eyes and flips a bunch of switches before his mission is a “go” and we have lift off. Well, PFOs do something similar with their joints, breathing, muscle engagement and form before cranking out reps.

More, they know flipping the right “switches” on and off as you move through an exercise can be the difference between a “ok” rep and a power rep.

AFJs train “harder” than they need to because they leak power. PFOs get more done with less time spent training simply by plugging their structural leaks.

By not leaking power, they prime their body to take advantage its natural, spring-like ability to load, absorb and redirect “shock”… keeping the pump on their muscles, and the pounding off their joints… smoothing out their movements so they’re less taxing on your body, but deliver more powerful results at the same time.

POWER PRINCIPLE #3: Precision Fitness Operators Shoot For Technical Excellence

They understand the real measure of a man’s fitness is his ability to “keep it together” under extreme pressure. And, more important, older PFOs understand there’s a thin red line between your comfort zone and the danger zone. See…

Contrary to popular belief, pain is not weakness leaving the body… meaning “no pain, no gain” is a mantra of diminishing returns… and… stepping outside your comfort zone can often lead your body to protest and work against you.

This is why PFOs never train to muscular failure. That’s an AFJ approach, and it can lead to some nice mass gains. But, it can also lead to repetitive strain syndrome, tendon flare ups, chronic soreness, aches and pains… and fractured technique, exposing weakness. Instead…

PFOs train to technical failure. They know that, in the field, technical failure can be the difference between life and death. And their training reflects that.

By shooting for technical failure (and never missing their mark) under incrementally increasing pressure, PFOs avoid entering the “danger zone”, instead expanding their comfort zone from the inside out. Studies show this is an easier and less tiring way of increasing strength and functional capacity of your muscles, and therefore a highly efficient method of training.

These three Power Principles are so simple, yet so game-changing, that any guy can use them to turn even the most ordinary exercises into body re-building machines…

Giving You The Strength, Flexibility, Endurance

And Ease of Movement You Need To Get Back

On Track With Your Training, Fitness, And

Physique… And Gain An Advantage

Over Other Men

And yet, it’s easy to apply these principles the wrong way… because, quite often, applying them the RIGHT way requires LESS effort, LESS speed, LESS intensity than you might imagine.

This is something most guys have a hard time wrapping their head around. And a hard time nailing down on their own after spending so much time in an AFJ kind of world.

Which is why I believe my Precision Fitness Operator System is so valuable.

It’s proof positive that…

Soft, Weak And Tired

Is NOT An Option

Think about it…

Making the simple shift from Average Fitness Joe to Precision Fitness Operator with PFO-Sys:

  • proves your best years aren’t behind you…
  • builds you a body you can be proud of…
  • helps you be the man your family, friends and community need you to be, and…
  • puts you squarely on the path to showing up guys half your age…

And the best part is…

This Precision Fitness Operator

System Gets You More Out Of Every

Workout… With Less Reps

Saving your body undue wear and tear… IF that’s what you want.

Anyway, there’s a good reason for you to be excited about all of this. You see, for years the only way to learn PFO-Sys was to contract me out privately… and it never came cheap. In fact…

For the last decade I’ve been charging $250/hr with a minimum of ten sessions in a package. Meaning it would have cost you $2,500 in fees just to learn this system. That is…

If You Could Nail Me Down

For An Appointment!

Because Fight Camps and Spec Ops Units usually booked me solid.

These were often several days, to multiple week-long contracts costing thousands of dollars in billable hours, plus comped travel expenses, room and board.

And being a Vet, Professional Warriors always got priority over Civis. So the little downtime I had for teaching locally was extremely exclusive.

Until now…

See, recently a publishing house warmed me over to the widespread demand for something like this. Turns out the head honcho over there is a total badass… a real life Ninja.

With extensive studies in Bujinkan and other martial and fitness disciplines he travels the world as a writer and anthropologist…

…digging up some of the most effective health secrets known to man and sharing them with his readers.

With his kind of reach, I could connect with more guys than ever possible through private contracts alone. Obviously, that has economic and logistic benefit. Or so he tells me.

Which is why I’ve made a publishing deal: we could test this low cost offer in a few places, and if it does well we keep it on the market and go wide with it. If it doesn’t however…

I’m Pulling This System Off The Market

Forever… And Going Back To Teaching It

In Private Contracts ONLY!

That means, if you’re reading this message, the deal is still on. For now.

This is an unbelievably exciting package… designed you so don’t risk a single cent putting it to the test in your own home.

Here’s exactly what I’m giving you today:

It’s called the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge. Check it out…

On my computer I have a “classified” folder named The Warrior Zero Project. It contains all of my research, tests, experiments and “top secret” programming.

The name stems from an attitude of self-reliance and survival… paired with an acknowledgment that the best comebacks start from ground zero.

Anyway, the heartbeat of every single piece of body re-building, combat conditioning advice in The Warrior Zero project is my Precision Fitness Operator System. And…

The foundation (and critical starting point) for learning, owning and mastering PFO-Sys is the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge. And that’s what you’re getting your hands on today:

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Field Manual

This is a PFOs bible… and now, it’s yours. Inside you’ll discover:

  • 13 weeks of PFO-Sys programming strategically engineered to eliminate weakness and build combat-ready conditioning. (You’ll feel your newfound strength, endurance and confidence growing one step at a time, bit by bit, week by week.)
  • The special “warrior training framework” all PFOs use to make sure they’re training the RIGHT exercises under the RIGHT conditioning protocols. (First developed in the 1970’s by a famed fighting expert, this warrior framework has since been upgraded by several other military badasses to stack the odds in your favor during high pressure and combat scenarios)
  • The Elite-8 Exercise Unit: These “ordinary” movements form the foundation of all “super soldier” movements in the Warrior Zero Project library. (Guys can’t understand how I rebounded from the gutter to become a “master” in so many different martial disciplines so quickly — this is how.)
  • How to bathe in the “added life effect” of a demonized “legs and lungs” exercise.

Most fitness gurus think it’s the WORST exercise in the world. Yet recent research confirms it may be the single most effective exercise to increase life expectancy. Plus…

Ask any Elite Operator, and they will tell you this exercise is MISSION CRITICAL.

  • The “Go-Muscle” secret of developing kinetic chains. (Bodybuilding athletes miss this critical training factor and suffer for it when called upon to use their “muscle” in the real world.)

  • The controversial power of “single rep cycling”. Ultimately, this will allow you to get more out of every workout, with less reps and without beating your body to shit.

  • — How to scale your training — safely and naturally — by deploying the same secret “symmetry” code Leonardo da Vinci used to create a perfectly balanced human in his famous Illustration “The Vitruvian Man”. (Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it to design perfectly balanced works of structural art, and Bio-Mathematicians are now confirming this secret symmetry is encoded in living matter everywhere.)

  • — 3 “PFO Mission” Challenges. There are several weeks between challenges. And you can think of the weeks leading up to each challenge like reconnaissance — everything you’re doing is to put your mind and body in the best position to complete your Mission with flying colors. More…

You’ll know, in real time, whether or not you’re ready to “level up” or whether or not you’ve got a little more work to do before pushing your body beyond its limits and out into the danger zone.

This challenge system is a fire starter for guys who lack the motivation to stick to a training program.

And a whole bunch more…

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Coaching Videos

These videos aren’t simple demonstrations the likes you’ll find on blogs or Youtube. They present a measured, “precision” approach to exercise that reveal:

Force transfer secrets… posture and alignment tricks… the overlooked power of ground reaction forces… selective tension… AND…

  • Why 99% of all Average Fitness Joes totally miss the boat when it comes to “ab” training.

  • 3 priming switches all PFOs flip before each workout to make sure all systems are “go” for maximum gains. (Plus, one common switch AFJs flip that undermines the power in all their movements.)

  • The secret to freeing up a tight back almost instantly. (Sheds rust and stiffness — within minutes you’ll suddenly feel lighter and more energized than you might believe.)

  • The truth behind your body’s “linchpin joint”. (And why a simple positioning tweak can double — even triple — the power of every exercise you perform.)

  • The #1 exercise mistake Average Fitness Joes make that wreaks havoc on their knees.

  • The ultimate lazy guy’s exercise for strengthening muscles weakened and shut down by chronic sitting. (Plus, one simple adjustment to this drill that electrifies your core more than any set of sit ups and crunches will ever do.)

  • A seated movement that exposes “asymmetrical deficiencies” in your hips with just one rep. (These deficiencies are often the true source of a muscle ache or joint pain.)

  • How to get more mobility from any movement by changing the way you breath.

  • The vital coaching cues you can get from an inanimate household object that most clipboard-toting trainers will never tell you about. (And how it can correct dangerous — and painful — structural leaks within seconds.)

  • The Hollywood “Walk of Fame” secret to unlocking fully integrated, pressing power.

  • How to use the three-legged table test to determine whether or not your TRULY ready (and safe) to progress out to harder and harder pressing movements. (If there’s any “wiggle-wobble” here you know with 100% certainty you’ve got more work to do before moving any further.)

  • Why your shoulders determine the proper depth of push up for your body type. (And when chest-kissing the ground can set you up for a setback.)

  • A special 3-second, 3-point mental “checklist” for correcting your posture on the fly. (This is like hitting the reset button on your posture so that you maintain a safe, but powerful “exercise frame”, even when you’re bent over.)

  • A cadence secret most military guys know (instinctively) that helps your body draw power up from the ground, absorb and redirect shock like a spring.

  • The ancient “tribal trick” that accelerates your learning. (For many guys this is also a “short cut” to healthy knees, hips and lower back.)

  • The one “ab” exercise that melts away tension across your entire spine and strengthens your core in a way no plank could ever do. (Takes years off your body in just minutes a day.)

  • A sneaky little “recovery accelerator” technique. Deploy this post-workout to abate soreness, stiffness and restore muscle balance in a few short minutes.)

And many more PFO secrets that you’ve really got to feel to believe…

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Follow-Along Videos

It’s like having me in the room with you, right by your side. I’ll coach you along with my student, Frank, as we move through each workout in real time.

You’ll quickly realize this isn’t BUD/S or some hardcore body-wrecking bootcamp insanity.

Instead, you’ll learn to use your body’s natural ability to load, absorb and redirect shock…

Turning simple movements into body-rebuilding machines and peak-performance-powerhouses…

While reinforcing your joints (saving them wear and tear)… and allowing your muscles to recover while in motion.

This keeps your muscles fresher longer… your metabolic fire churning… and your body operating as a single integrated unit.


Because I want to help you stack the odds of success even more in your favor…

I’m Giving You These 3 “Extra Edge

Warrior Zero Project Modules


Warrior Zero Powered Breathing

Breathing is something you are always doing, whether you are paying attention to it or not.

Yet, learning how to pay better attention to and control your breath is an overlooked “nervous system hack” that can provide more powerful workouts, faster recovery, shots of instant energy and a wave of general stress relief.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover inside this module:

  • The one thing almost every new student does WRONG with their breathing during exercise that undermines their performance and increases risk of injury (plus an easy fix)…

  • A type of breathing that enhances the benefits of any exercises (bonus: it also helps rid the body of toxins, which can lead to faster weight loss)…

  • How to use your breathing to guide your training progress — instead of using reps, sets, resistance, or time (this is a wise alternative for anyone suffering exercise-induced pain)

  • How to use “geometric” breathing to expand your lung capacity and control your heart rate — this is especially important for resuming command of body functions when fear and stress stage a “military takeover”.

  • The ancient breathing technique that increases your antioxidant defense status (and combats oxidative stress) after hard training…

    It also reduces the “fight-or-flight” response of the parasympathetic nervous system and could enhance vagal activity (which can reduce anxiety, anger, and inflammation)

  • A special kind of “explosive” breathing that energizes your entire body almost instantly… leaves you feeling amped, alert, and ready to tackle your workout.

And more…

Warrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude

How many times have you just wanted to throw in the towel and rattle off excuse after excuse as to why something can’t get done?

We’ve all been there. Yet there are times when if you do not accomplish the task at hand, it does not get done.

Getting your body into shape is one of those times. But, make no mistake… developing intestinal fortitude isn’t just about trying to be a “tough guy”.

Your Warrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude module goes beyond “gut checks”. I’m not simply barking orders at you to “pick your sack up and keep moving…”

No. It’s more than that.

Intestinal Fortitude is about developing the kind of situational awareness and “streets smarts” that not only develops toughness, but wisdom.

Which is why, in Warrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude I’m going to reveal 10 things I learned in the Marines that are guaranteed to make you a better man.

You’ll learn about the mental toughness Marines are known for, and the physical endurances it helps them push through. Plus, you’ll discover:

Insights on Overcoming Adversity… How to develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence… How to Control Fear, Stress & Anxiety… The Ultimate Guide To Self Discipline… How To Harness the Power of Positive Self-Talk… and more…

Warrior Zero Supportive Nutrition

I think you’ll really enjoy this module.

You’ve got enough to focus on with your Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge. You don’t need a bunch of restrictive diet rules to follow.

That’s why, your Warrior Zero Supportive Nutrition module is based on 10 PFO “Fueling Principles”.

Much like the PFO “Power Principles” that guide your workouts, these Fueling Principles give you the flexibility required to make eating for your health feel NORMAL…

…and not like some crazed fitness freak.

You’ll quickly get your head straight about eating clean and making the right food choices for reducing body inflammation, fueling your workouts, and aiding your recovery.

This is NOT a diet. But a set of principles you can apply to your lifestyle, no matter how busy your day is, or selective your taste buds.

Now, I’m going to tell you what this costs and how to secure your own copy in just a second. But, first we need to get very, very clear on something:

This Program Is NOT For Everybody

In fact, there are some guys I hope never find out about it. No joke.

This stuff isn’t for hot-headed, young bucks who think an “old dog” can’t teach them a few new tricks…

…or for the kind of guy whose endgame is being surrounded by gym-bros strutting around stiffly with inflated, puffy muscle, a dumbbell in one hand and a cell phone in the other…

…or even the kind of blood-pressure-popping psycho who would rather die under the bar than dump out of a rep.

So, I’m telling you now — don’t even think about trying this program unless:

1) You are serious about eliminating weakness and building combat-ready-conditioning at any age… and want an advantage over other men… so you can step up to the plate and be the man you’re needed to be…

2) You are willing to slow down and shift your focus from training like an Average Fitness Joe to training like a Precision Fitness Operator… so you can reprogram your nervous system and rewire your muscles for an almost unbelievable primal control and power… without killing yourself in the gym…

3) You are sick and tired of feeling soft, out of shape and always doubting yourself… sick and tired of workouts that make you feel like something is wrong with you… or simply sick and tired of watching other guys do the things you should be doing… but no longer can.

Still with me? Good. I’m damn proud of Warrior Zero and this outstanding package I’ve been able to put together for you on this page.

Given the chance, you’ll find it’s got more integrity and value than what you’ve probably come to expect from most things in the fitness world.

You’re getting EXACTLY what I teach all around the world. Not some watered down “lite” version of my system. But…

There IS A Catch

And you need to know this before you make your decision. See, this isn’t some put-on Hollywood production… with slick stage design and hired guns who model for a living to huff and puff half naked on screen. No.

You’re getting quality video instructionals and follow alongs, filmed in HD, in my private headquarters. It’s me and one of my actual students walking you through every last detail of how to train like a Precision Fitness Operator.

I’m also delivering everything to you digitally, so don’t expect a big brown box on your doorstep.

I’m doing this for two reasons: 1) this allows me to offer this special Warrior Zero package to you at a much lower price, since there are no shipping and manufacturing costs and… 2) this gives you the convenience of reading and watching the material at home and on the go, via smart tv, desktop, tablet and phone.

If you can get past these “flaws”, you’re good to go, because…

You’re Getting The Same Quality

“Private Contract” Instruction For

A Fraction Of What Everyone

Else Had To Pay

Look, a lot of guys are going to be miffed at me for sharing this secret training system with you… especially since you won’t be paying even part of what they had to shell out for even a single lesson.

But, it is what it is. I’ve come to realize just how many guys desperately need an alternative to the type of fitness the mainstream is trying to force-feed them.

They’ve spent too much time and money on gimmicks and false promises to justify spending even a dollar on something new… even if it’s a simple system that will change their lives. I get it.

Listen, I’m a Marine and an Eagle Scout, and I stake my reputation on my promises.

Perhaps, more important, I’m just a guy about to eclipse 50 with a body that’s been through the wringer — and I honestly want to share this incredible new program with you, and I don’t want you to worry about getting scammed or “taken for a ride” or anything like that.

It’s hard enough to find someone you can trust in general, even more so on the internet. The least I could do is make it as easy as possible for you to try it out, without any risk. Right?

What Does This Cost?

The price is just $37 today for everything: The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge field manual… coaching videos… and follow-along videos… PLUS… these three FREE gifts: Warrior Zero Powered BreathingWarrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude… and Warrior Zero Supportive Nutrition.

Here’s All You Need To Do Now

(And What You Can Expect Next)

Click the ‘add to cart’ button below, fill out and submit the secure order form on the next page and you get instant access to everything with your own personal account on my private server.

This price wouldn’t even buy you fifteen minutes of private time with me at my regular coaching fees. Yet for less than the price of dinner and a movie, you can own my training system for yourself… with this Warrior Zero package that reveals to you everything you’d learn in private sessions.

And you know what? I’m so confident you’ll see impressive results that I’ll put ALL the risk on myself with a 100% unconditional, money back your-prerogative-guarantee:

Slash Stubborn Fat, Eliminate Weakness, And Feel More

Pride And Confidence In Your Body In A Matter Of

Weeks Or Your Money Back — Guaranteed!

Here’s how it works: Order your personal copy of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge. Download all of the manuals and videos, or stream them from any of your devices, whichever you prefer.

Put the secrets you’ll find inside to the test.

Take a full 60 days, if you want.

This way you’re not rushed, and don’t have to worry about life getting in the way, or any other excuses guys make for themselves when facing a new challenge…

Notice the difference you feel in your muscles and joints as you’re training like a Precision Fitness Operator.

Notice the fit of your clothes now… the difference in the way you start to carry yourself, and the way the people around you respond… and take a good, long look at the new man you see staring back at you in the mirror.


If you decide at any point that you’d like to go back to training like an Average Fitness Joe, give up your physical advantage over other men, and settle for anything less than your body’s best…

Simply shoot me an email and let me know. I’ll have customer care process your 100% guaranteed refund straight away. No hassle whatsoever. Your prerogative. It’s your body and I trust your judgement here.

And, you get to KEEP anything and everything you’ve downloaded. Consider it a gift for giving the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge a “test drive”.

Look, don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what other guys are saying:

So now all that’s left is to ask yourself one final question…

Are You Ready To Put This

Precision Fitness Operator

To The Test?

Maybe you want to be more attractive to your wife… instead of looking (and feeling) like a crippled old man…

Maybe you want to build the kind of endurance and all-day-energy that makes it feel like your body is running on rocket fuel

Maybe you simply want to build (and maintain) outstanding levels of conditioning and develop real muscular power and control with less time working out and without pounding your joints

Only you know that. But, what I do know is, to a man — everyone of them who has become a part of The Warrior Zero Project — has never looked at fitness the same way again, and is a better man for it.

Now it’s your turn:

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Receive

Your “Declassification” Price Of Just $37PLUS

All The Bonuses (Worth Well Over $250 For Free!)

Remember: no matter what anyone says, you ALWAYS have a lot more fight left in you.

Here’s to proving them wrong.

I hope to see you on the other side, and look forward to hearing about your success.


Helder Gomes

— United States Marine,

International Combat Instructor,

Head Coach NTC-HQ

WARNING: other guys might start asking you for advice when you train out in public. That’s ok. It’s a natural side effect of training like a Precision Fitness Operator. Embrace it. These guys, no matter how young or old, are ready for a paradigm shift. And they’re in need of a good, honorable man to lead them. Be that leader. Give them a few point pointers, if only the 3 “Power Principles” you’ve learned in this report. Then send them off in the right direction, and on the path to proving all their naysayers wrong and proving to themselves it is possible to eliminate weakness and build combat-ready conditioning at any age…

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Receive

Your “Declassification” Price Of Just $37PLUS

All The Bonuses (Worth Well Over $250 For Free!)

One Last Thing: Now, remember… the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge is not available on or any other retailer. You can only get a personal copy right here… only by contacting me today. Click the “add to cart” button below. This will take you to a secure order form page where you can review your order and set up your new account on the next page. Your copy of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge plus 3 FREE Warrior Zero bonus modules will be available to you instantly. Getting started is easy, and there’s no better time than now while this generous offer is still available.

Scientific References:

Siddle, Bruce. Sharpening the Warriors Edge: The Psychology & Science of Training. PPCT Research Publications. 1995.

Asken, Michael, and Christensen, Loren, and Grossman, Dave. Warrior Mindset. Human Factor Research Group. 2010.

Grossman, Dave, and Christensen, Loren. On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace. Warrior Science Publications. 2008.

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Bikini Buns – New At-home Butt Shaping System

Bikini Buns – New At-home Butt Shaping System

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Do You Hate Being Naked With The Lights On?

How 2-Minutes IN Bed Can Lift Your Butt, Eliminate Cellulite & Flush Fat

Discover the Bedtime Secret To Smooth Out Cellulite, Firm Up Your Backside, Slim Your Thighs & Drop Up To 6 Pounds in Just 14 Days

When my husband would touch my butt, all I could think of was how flabby it must have felt to him.

It killed my mood…

I HATED being intimate with him…

I would cry before making love…

And apologize afterwards for the dimples and sag I had back there…

No one wants to touch that.

And while this story is hard to share…

it led to a breakthrough that erased 20 years of cellulite and saggy flab off my butt and thighs…

And today, I’m going to share it here with you.

Have You Ever Been Self-Conscious About Your Butt?

Hi, my name is Stephanie…

Everyone talks about how beautiful a big butt is…

I just see mine as flabby, huge, and full of cellulite.

The worse part was when I caught my boyfriend starring at another woman’s butt as we walked into our favorite restaurant on our 3 year anniversary.

He couldn’t even deny it, I caught him in the act.

And when I called him on it, he mumbled and stuttered and couldn’t really give me a straight answer.

All I know is…

He never looked at me like that…

Not anymore, at least.

You Know That Feeling Where Men Stop Paying Attention To You?

When it hits…

It hits hard.

Out of nowhere.

I felt him pulling away…

Sure, he told me it didn’t matter and he thought I was beautiful…

But you and I both know in those private moments us women want to feel sexy and confident.

I thought I’d NEVER feel that way in the bedroom again

Even though he said all the right things, I could tell he was losing interest in me.

He even said that I wasn’t the “spring chicken” I used to be.

Week After Week We Made Love Less And Less

It was like we were strangers living in the same house…

Roommates who talked but had no romantic relationship…

I couldn’t blame him, I started dressing in more “comfortable” clothes that hid the insecurities that never went away.

The more I thought about them, the worse I felt.

He was on his phone ALL the time…

He always said he was “checking football scores”, or “reading the news”…

But his fingers were moving way too fast for that.

I could tell…

He Was Texting With Another Woman

And ladies you know this is true…

Guys don’t like to talk.

So I knew he wasn’t texting all night long with his buddies…

Or his family…

Or anyone from work.

Well, she might have been from work.

Hearing his phone beep in the middle of the night when a new text came in…

Only to see him grab his phone and head for the bathroom…

Where he stayed for minutes that felt like hours…

Always flushing the toilet at the end to cover his tracks.

He Never Even Touched Me Anymore

After a while, I convinced myself that I was the problem.

It sounds crazy, however…

I know that when my butt and belly started to sag…

Is when he lost interest.

Talk to any man and they go nuts over a tight, lifted butt that’s round and nestled perfectly into a pair of tight yoga pants…

That show off just enough but still leave him wanting so much more.

So when that goes, either your man loses interest in you, or he finds other ways to soothe his desire when he can’t get it from you.

Don’t kid yourself…

Every man is a butt man.

Some are just more obsessed than others.

And all I had to offer was a fat and cellulite-filled “mom butt” that followed me around everywhere.

Watching Helplessly As My Body Betrayed Me Led to the Fat-Burning Breakthrough I Was Searching For

I was heartbroken, but in the middle of all the sadness came a strange sense of courage…

…that said NO MAN is going to control me or make me feel bad about myself.

It was in that moment that I decided to do something about it.

Sure, I could seek revenge on him for everything he had done…

But what would that do?

Instead, I decided to make a change for ME.

I Vowed To Get Rid of My Saddlebags & Cellulite No Matter What

And bring back the firm and toned body I had in my 20’s.

I had friends who were 10 years older than me and looked amazing, so I knew it was possible.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I couldn’t let that stop me.

And so, I went to work.

I searched online…

I joined a gym…

I hired a personal trainer…

I even swore off fast food and ate salads for lunch for an entire month…

Yet NOTHING worked…

Until I accidentally stumbled upon an amazing discovery that hundreds of women over 50 are using right now to lift their buns, thin out their thighs, and banish cellulite.

I’m Going to Reveal a Simple 2-Minute Routine You Can Do Right In Bed to Lift Your Buns & Remove Cellulite

Something that’s low-impact and easy on your knees, ankles, and joints…

Something that takes only a few minutes a day…

You can do it right before you fall asleep…

Or first thing the next morning.

Don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat.

In fact, your body will feel firm and strong even though you won’t be breathing heavy or gasping for air.

You don’t have to be flexible or athletic…

And it only requires a handful of movements.

I tested it out on hundreds of women in their 50’s all the way up to their mid 80’s…

And the results were so positive, their husbands were practically whisking them out of my studio so they could some “alone time” before the next session.

Now, I’ll share more about this NEW 2-minute bed routine in just a minute, but first…

I Want You To Pay Close Attention

Lifting your buns, eliminating cellulite, and even flattening your stomach isn’t just about exercise.

This NEW breakthrough involves 3 secret super-nutrients that most women miss when it comes to getting your bikini buns.

In order to tone your butt, you have to get rid of the extra fat back there.

Not all of it, just some of it…

And these 3 secret super-nutrients do just that.

Plus, they work faster than doing 500 squats a day.

And I can 100% guarantee…

You’ve never seen a solution like this before.

It’s so unique in its approach which is why it works so quickly for almost all the women who try it.

And it’s designed to rebalance the female hormonal system, because when your hormones are all out of whack…

It causes sag and cellulite back there.

This Is Something That 99% of So-Called Experts Overlook

In fact, some are referring to this as the “missing link” in getting any woman at any age the bikini body she desires WITHOUT strenuous exercise, crash dieting, or skipping meals.

See, what you may not know is that the reason you have saddlebags, cellulite, and extra fat around your tummy is because of “cellular expansion”.

Don’t worry, I’ll get into more detail about this in just a minute…

Just know that if nothing has ever worked for you before…

Or if you keep trying different solutions and you always end up feeling frustrated…

Or if you just need some general toning, shaping, and thinning and exercise isn’t doing the trick…

Then “cellular expansion” is likely to blame.

Just Know That You Can Get The Firm Backside & Flat Stomach You Desire In Just 2 Minutes a Day

As I mentioned before, my name is Stephanie…

And although I’ve helped over 2,000 women transform their bodies, backsides, and lives using my unique 2-minute “bikini buns” breakthrough…

It wasn’t always that way.

It feels like just yesterday that I would only have sex with the lights off…

I was so self-conscious around my partner that I immediately apologized after every time we made love…

And it wasn’t until I caught him texting with another woman that I decided to take my life into my own hands.

I was never as skinny as I wanted to be…

And I knew my butt played a big role in that…

Because as a woman, I knew that was one of the first places I always stored fat.

Along with my hips and thighs.

And so, I knew I needed to start there.

It Wasn’t Until an Unexpected Trip To My Doctor That I Realized What Was Going On

After my weight kept going up for months…

I got concerned and made an appointment with my doctor.

I felt worn out…

I didn’t have the motivation to do anything…

All I wanted to do was sit on the couch after work, veg out, and watch movies.

And I just felt like I was in this huge rut.

Plus, I have a family history of diabetes and heart complications…

And I wanted to make sure everything was ok.

In the middle of our checkup, I couldn’t beat around the bush any longer…

So I just flat out asked my doctor…

“Why Is My Butt So Big?”

She looked at me stunned, like she’d never gotten that question before.

But I was sick of trying to figure this out on my own…

My butt has been haunting me for years and I just wanted some answers.

After the shock wore off, she started explaining exactly what happens in the female body…

How specific hormones work as you get older to store fat in certain “pockets” of your body…

And how, with age, these “pockets” of fat get harder and harder to burn off.

However, the Real Reason Is Because of “Cellular Expansion

As a woman gets older, your natural levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone naturally decline.

This creates a “storage” mode in your body where you’re storing more calories than you’re burning.

And because of this, your energy needs from food also decreases.

On top of that, when you have more estrogen than progesterone in your body…

The excessive estrogen turns more calories into fat.

This causes the fat cells in your butt, belly, hips and thighs to expand.

And they keep expanding the more you eat because you’re in this “storage mode” based on your hormones being all out of whack.

Now, here’s something else you may not know…

Your Butt Is a Very Special Place for Estrogen To Live

When estrogen is released in the body, you will purposely store fat in your butt area.

That’s because, as a woman, you have more receptors in your backside…

…and fat gets stored there to provide support for pregnancy.

Unfortunately, this keeps happening long after you’ve given birth to your last child.

This creates a layer of subcutaneous fat that spreads across your backside, covers up your bottom, and makes it look larger.

And so, the fat continues to build up with nowhere else to go. For most women…

Your butt is the first place you gain weight, and it’s also the toughest place to lose weight.

And When You Sit Too Much, You Stretch Out This Fat Which Creates a Large, Saggy & Dimpled Backside

Has anyone ever told you that sitting can make your butt bigger?

I’d never heard it before…

Until I came across a research study from Amit Gefen, professor at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering.

He said, “Usually when people think of obesity, they think of calories, and food, but it’s so much more than that.”

His Findings Revealed that Nutrition Was Not the Only Factor Driving Obesity…

Cellular Expansion” was Found to Play an Equally Important Role in Fat Production

Sitting down for long periods of time…

…led to an accelerated expansion of fat cells in the buttocks because they were exposed to “sustained, chronic pressure.”

This resulted in a change of the cell’s structure and mechanics [1].

The research confirmed that your butt expands once fat tissue starts to grow in that region of your body…

This leads to the appearance of a larger backside.

If You Have a Bigger Backside Than You Want It’s Likely Because of “Cellular Expansion

Finally! Now you can let yourself off the hook.

Honestly, when my doctor started teaching me about all of this I had a big sigh of relief…

I remember her asking, “You suddenly seem so happy, what’s going on

“Well, I said…up until now I thought there was something wrong with me.

No matter what I tried, I could never get the dimples, saddlebags, and extra flab off…

And after trying and failing at this for almost 2 decades, it started feeling impossible…

I felt like I was the problem.

Like there was nothing that could help me.

But now, I feel relieved…

Because I actually know what’s going on in my body.

And since I know what’s happening hormonally, there must be an answer on how to fix it.”

The 2-Minute Secret to Lifting Your Buns & Erasing Cellulite at ANY Age

What I discovered from my doctor over the next couple of hours was nothing short of amazing.

You see, when it comes to trimming and toning your backside…

And smoothing out cellulite at the same time…

Most people will just tell you to do a bunch of squats, cut out the processed foods, and do more lunges at the gym….

Which is a recipe for disaster if you’re older like me, have bad knees, and can’t get that low to the ground anymore.

Instead, what really stunned me was was the 3 specific “phyto-estrogens” my doctor said to eat on a daily basis to BLOCK fat-storage in my buns and thighs.

Which in turn would help my whole body slim down.

Basically, these “phyto-estrogens” block bad estrogen which in turn STOPS your body from storing fat in your most stubborn areas.

Eat These 3 “Fat-Blocking Foods” Daily To Melt Away Flab

Whether you want to tighten and tone your buns…

Thin out your thighs…

Or get rid of the fat around your belly…

No matter what you do, start adding in these 3 “fat-blocking” foods to your diet today.

Fat-Blocking Food #1: Flax Seed

For centuries, flax seeds have been used for their health-protective properties.

This superfood is high in healthy Omega-3 fats, which most women over 50 are deficient in.

And they’re also a rich source of alpha-linoleic acid (ALA).

ALA is an essential fatty acid, which means you must get it from food because your body doesn’t produce it.

Even better, it can also stimulate the shedding of visceral fat around your belly area.

That’s because ALA increases activity of the hormone leptin on visceral fat cells…

This causes the cells to release stored fat for energy…

Which means you can drop up to 1 inch off your waistline every 2 weeks by simply adding more ALA to your diet.

And since the phytoestrogens will help block fat storage in your backside, your buns will naturally lift and perk up even if you don’t exercise.

Fat-Blocking Food #2: Sesame Seed

Another food that helps block “bad estrogen” are sesame seeds.

They’re rich in antioxidants, which help fight oxidative stress and combat fat-storage in the body.

Even better, since they’re low in carbs, and high in protein and healthy fats, they help support blood sugar control and weight loss.

Simply adding these to a soup or salad can help you feel full for hours.

Fat-Blocking Food #3: Flaxseed Oil

I mentioned flax seeds earlier and they really are the world’s hidden superfood that women aren’t eating nearly enough of…

However, it can be hard to add flax seeds to every meal.

However, flax seed oil contain all the same fat-burning benefits…

Along with plenty of ALA to speed up slimming (especially in your thigh area)…

One study of 59 people compared the effects of flaxseed oil to those of safflower oil. 

In this study, supplementing with one tablespoon of flaxseed oil for 12 weeks led to significantly lower blood pressure levels than supplementing with safflower oil [1].

Which in turn can help improve heart health.

It can also help enhance skin health.

One small study had 13 women supplement with with flaxseed oil for 12 weeks.

At the end of the study, they reported experiencing improvements in skin smoothness and hydration, while skin sensitivity to irritation and roughness had decreased [2].

And it’s so much easier to use as a salad dressing or you can drizzle some on top of your veggies.

As You Can See…When It Comes to Sculpting Your Bikini Buns & Eliminating Cellulite For Good, Most “Experts” Have It All WRONG

You don’t need to do endless squats at the gym…

You don’t need to lunges until your knees hurt…

And you definitely don’t need to go on another crash diet that just ruins your metabolism and leaves you feeling hangry all the time…

What we’re talking about here is what really works.

And it starts with eating certain fat-burning foods to BLOCK the “bad estrogen” in your body…

Which STOPS the cellular expansion that’s causing fat to pile up around you butt and thighs in the first place.

Now we’re addressing the problem at its root cause.

You simply have to eat more of the fat-blocking foods listed above.

Then Step #2 is adding in more cellulite-smoothing super-nutrients into your diet.

Eat These “Cellulite-Smoothing SuperNutrients” Daily to Thin Your Thighs & Melt the Fat Covering Up Your Backside

Nagging cellulite is one of the most frustrating parts about the female body…

However, what you may not know is that a lazy lymphatic system encourages your body to hold onto toxins…which helps create cellulite.

The body tends to store toxins in fat, and women tend to store fat in their thighs.

The connective tissue in a womans’ leg forms a fibrous, honeycomb-like pattern where fat tends to lodge….

Which means fat builds up more readily in a woman’s legs than in any other part of her body.

And since the legs have a more concentrated network of lymphatic vessels than any other area of the body…

It’s a recipe for cellulite build-up that can be difficult to reverse.

The good news is…

You can help prevent excess fat buildup and thin out existing thigh fat with a handful of “cellulite-smoothing super-nutrients” that most women are missing.

Cellulite-Smoothing SuperNutrient #1 – Inositol

Inositol, otherwise known as vitamin B8, is extremely effective for insulin resistance.

Insulin is a fat storage hormone…

And if you have extra fat around your belly, thighs, or butt, then there’s a good chance that you may be insulin resistant.

When you lower insulin, your body can burn more fat, especially the type of fat around your legs and buns that cause cellulite.

A great source of inositol are bell peppers and asparagus.

Cellulite-Smoothing SuperNutrient #2 – Choline

If I had to give you just one recommendation, it would be to get more choline in your diet.

That’s because choline is not only an amazing fat-burner, it’s also one of the most important nutrients most women are missing out on…

Which is why it can be so hard to slim down after 50.

The National Academy of Sciences classified choline as an essential nutrient, which means we must get it from food because our body doesn’t produce enough of it.

Choline helps prevent fat and cholesterol buildup in the body…

Regulating the kidney’s, liver, and gallbladder, while also banishing fatigue.

Studies show that choline also helps the body burn fat, resulting in easier weight loss

And it can help nourish your brain, which helps with eliminate brain fog and memory lapses as you age.

Here’s the kicker…

Choline is very effective for helping the liver convert estradiol into estriol – the safer form of “good estrogen”.

This helps the body burn off excess fat, which in turn reverses cellulite.

One of the boost choline-rich foods are eggs…

Just make sure to eat the yolk because that’s where all the choline, nutrients, and healthy fats are.

Cellulite-Smoothing SuperNutrient #3 – Methionine

Methionine is an amino acid you probably haven’t heard of, and yet…

It has the amazing power to reduce cellulite and convert estradiol (aka bad estrogen) into estriol (a safer form of good estrogen).

When this happens, cellulite diminishes, fat melts away, and you’re left looking thinner, younger, with smooth skin and no dimples or sag.

I don’t know anything that’s more powerful.

Methionine is also anti-inflammatory, can help decrease joint pain as you get older, and can even help elevate your mood.

I don’t know many women getting nearly enough methionine and it’s one of the first things I address when working with my private female clients over 50…

Because simply adding in more methionine-rich foods can help get rid of cellulite and flush out extra body fat.

It’s also a building block for protein, which can help preserve your lean muscle into your 60’s and 70’s, when most women get weaker.

One of the greatest sources of methionine is animal protein and fatty fish.

Obviously It Makes Sense to Start Eating More of These Cellulite-Smoothing Foods & Nutrients…

Yet It’s Not That Simple

Once my personal clients started eating these fat-blasting foods and nutrients on a daily basis…

Their bodies started to change right before their eyes.

And yet, there were some who still had some sag, dimples, and jiggle around their thighs and backside…

One of my clients, Mary, who has a HUGE libido despite being 63, said one day…

Why can’t you figure out something we can do in the bedroom to tighten everything up!

It was kind of a joke, at least I think it was, but it got the wheels spinning in my brain…

Because I knew from personal experience that the most effective toning and trimming methods always came from short bursts of exercise…

…NOT spending all day in the gym lifting heavy weights that only bulk you up.

So I got creative…

I mean REALLY creative, and started designing these simple exercises women can do right IN their bed to lift and tone their backside in less than 2 minutes a day.

Sleeping All ALONE Helped Me Discover a Unique 2-Minute “Bikini Buns” Secret 

I’m not going to pretend that sleeping alone away from my boyfriend was easy…

But I wasn’t going to let him walk all over me anymore.

And so, one Saturday morning, as I was laying in bed, looking out my bedroom window at the fall leaves falling from the trees…

I felt a little bite on the small of my back.

Startled, I quickly lifted my lower back up off the bed and tried to swat whatever bug was crawling back there…

After about 15 seconds of trying to find whatever bug crawled in my bed…

I realized something…

My butt was on fire!

Not in a bad way…

But in a “wow, I’ve never worked these booty muscles before, where have they been all my life” kinda way.

It felt good, and so…

I Held the Pose for Another 15 Seconds Until My Glutes Gave Out and I Relaxed Back in My Bed

It felt so good, that I waited a minute and did it again and again…

And in just a few minutes, I had worked my saggy butt like it had never been worked before…

It was fun…

It was easy…

Yet it felt so good…

Like my buns were finally getting toned and strong instead of the sag I always see when I look in the mirror. However, I thought…

Was This Really Enough to Melt Away the Fat & Firm Up My Backside?

Even though it felt amazing…

Like I had just completed an hour long routine at the gym…

I was skeptical beyond belief.

I mean, it just seemed too good to be true.

And at first, it was.

While I was losing more fat than ever thanks to the changes in my diet…

I still couldn’t get rid of the sag and saddlebags back there.

Yet, this time I ignored the little voice in my head telling me to give up…

…because that was the OLD me.

And so, I kept eating all the nutrients and phytoestrogen foods my doctor shared with me…

I was using flaxseed oil on EVERYTHING…

And I stuck with the 2 minute routines…

…fitting them in whenever I had the chance.

Usually first thing in the morning before my day got super-hectic.

And after 10 days, my butt started feeling more firm.

I could tell when I walked and when I sat down.

There wasn’t as much cushion back there.

And that’s all the proof and motivation I needed to stick with it.

Week After Week I Kept Doing This Strange 2-Minute Booty Routine in Bed

And I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Not only was my cellulite and dimples vanishing faster than I imagined…

…thanks to all the choline, methionine, and inositol that I was adding to my diet through naturally delicious foods…

My buns were firmer and more toned than ever.

I wore a bikini for the first time in 5 years and my girlfriends kept asking me if I had gotten one of the Brazilian butt lifts because it just looked so perky back there…

And that’s when I knew I was on to something.

Because while I still saw the same women sweating it out in the gym…

Doing hours of cardio and dozens of squats to try and burn the fat and lift their buns…

I was at home eating delicious meals and doing a simple 2-minute routine in my bed.

Everywhere I looked, I saw more proof that shorter movements ARE enough to lift your buns.

I Even Got Rid Of  My Cellulite Without Any Expensive Scrubs or Mixes

After showing off my new body to my girlfriends…

They started asking me a TON of questions, like…

What are you doing?

What are you eating?

You must live in the gym, right?

Did you get butt implants?”

And so, I started breaking down exactly what I was doing on a daily basis, and…

They were shocked at how simple it was.

I wrote down my exact daily routine, told them to follow it for a week or two…

And just a few short weeks later, word had spread like a wildfire.

My friends were telling their friends…

And all of a sudden, I was getting text messages around the clock from women asking me about their butts.

I know, it’s kinda weird, but I embraced it because to me this was about getting healthier.

The lifted buns, the cellulite-free skin, and the flatter stomach were just an added bonus.

Once the results started rolling in, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I was getting these long, personal emails from women sharing their struggle…

And I would get tears in my eyes just reading them.

My favorite was from a woman named Eva…

Hey Stephanie,

So for the past year I’ve been struggling to tone and shape my butt…

I was eating a high protein diet. Going to the gym. Doing squats. Running. You name it, I tried it. Some days I’d even workout in the morning and at night…

But it seemed like the harder I tried the more cellulite popped-up on my butt and the back of my thighs. And my legs were getting blocky with almost no change in my figure… 

Now, this is a little embarrassing…

But it got so bad I would cry in front of my husband before we’d make love and apologize to him for the dimples and sag I had back there

And when he’d touch my butt all I could think of was how flabby it must have felt to him. It killed my mood to the point I HATED being intimate.

Sure, he told me it didn’t matter and he thought I was beautiful…

But you and I both know in those private moments us women want to feel sexy and confident. I thought I’d NEVER feel that way behind closed doors again…

My whole body looked like a box. I’d jokingly say “Spongebob Squarepants” had more curves than me… 

I felt like a victim of a cruel genetic joke…

And implants, injections, and all the other surgery options weren’t a choice for me. I mean, the thought of going under the knife like a tomato on a cutting board scared me to death…

So I was excited to put your methods to the test. And oh my gosh, the difference in my workouts are amazing!

It’s  like I unlocked my backside and finally feel every movement in all the right places…

And in just a few days I could see my figure change in the mirror. Even my cellulite spots were getting smaller...

Wearing sexy lingerie in front of my husband used to terrify me but now I love it. It’s like we’ve opened pandora’s box on our love life and I’m more confident than I’ve ever felt…

I’m going to keep following these routines. 

I think I’m addicted to these results, haha!

Just want to thank you for sharing your method with me. 

Oh and I’ve attached a picture if you want to take a look at the difference 🙂



Eva, mother of 1 from Alabama

Not Only Can You Lift Your Buns in Just 2-Minutes a Day…

Some Women Lost Up To 25 Pounds

That’s because when you start eating more of the fat-blocking foods I mentioned earlier…

Not only will your body block extra fat from forming on your backside…

It also helps shrink your stomach by increasing your female fat-burning hormones.

And as the days went by, I kept coaching up my group of ladies…

…sharing tricks and secrets they never heard before.

Like showing them why they should AVOID all low-fat foods and eat more bacon for breakfast…

I Showed Them Weird Stretches That Naturally Lift Your Buns

And of course, I shared with them my secret bedroom booty routines.

But that’s not all…

I even shared my unusual routine to thin out your thighs in less than 5 minutes.

And I walked them through a bunch of beginner routines since most of them hadn’t done a lick of exercise in over 5 years.

After the Just 30 Days With My Special Group of Ladies, I Realized 3 Things…

The plan I put together WORKS.

I was skeptical when it worked so well for me because that could have just been a coincidence…

However, receiving emails from women like Eva proved just how effective the plan is.

Second, I realized that I LOVE coaching.

Helping these ladies brought so much joy to my life, I knew this was my new calling.

Last but not least, I realized that I had to get this plan into the hands of more women around the world.

Because not only did it improve my health and my body…

Along with hundreds of other women…

But this “escape” got me through the hardest time in my life.

Finally, I had something else to focus on other than my cheating boyfriend…

I had something to pour my heart, soul, and energy into…

And that “something” was my health.

When I did that, and let go of all the anger, the drama, and the stress…

My entire life changed in a matter of months.

From The First Specific Movement, I Could Feel The Muscles In My Glutes “Turn On.” Like A Switch Was Flipped And My Booty Was Being Worked

In All The Right Areas

It was like nothing my butt muscles have ever experienced. And I could feel my heart rate go up too. So I knew I was burning fat and sculpting my backside at the exact same time…

I kept this up for weeks. And only used these movements every other day…

Each morning I’d look in the mirror and notice the tiny, little “booty curve” on my backside becoming more prominent

Little by little I started feeling more sexy, confident

And even spent a few extra minutes staring at my shape in the mirror… 

And it was after completely transforming my body and finally burning off all of my pregnancy weight that I knew “Bikini Buns”  had become a special calling for me…

To Lead Women Out Of The Desert Of Disappointment And Into The Promised Land Where Confidence And Sex Appeal Has No Limits

Where you feel giddy each time you catch a glimpse of your butt in the mirror…

And your outfits look and fit better because your backside has the extra firmness that hugs tightly to the fabric of your favorite jeans, shorts, and dresses…  

Where you get more compliments about your figure from your friends and co-workers daily…

And your man can’t resist keeping his eyes and hands off of you…

Most importantly, you’ll love your body again and be set free from insecurity and worry.

That’s why I put took EVERYTHING I was teaching to my special group of ladies…

And put it into an easy-to-use system my clients nicknamed…


Bikini Buns

The World’s First and ONLY

2-Minute “Bikini Buns” Sculpting System For Women Over 45 to Lift & Tone Your Backside Right At Home With NO Equipment…

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bikini Buns is the world’s first at-home system that lifts your butt, eliminates saddlebags, and reverses cellulite using never-before-seen 2 minute routines that you can do right in bed.

I find it CRAZY that women in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s are basically giving up because you think there’s nothing that’ll help you get rid of the flabby parts of your body that you don’t like…

Well, I’m here to change all that.

As I mentioned before, the only reason why you have extra fat in certain areas of your body is because of cellular expansion, and…

Once you address that, which you can in just a few minutes a day, then…

The weight starts coming off…

The fat starts melting away…

Your buns lift and tone up…

Your thighs thin out and become more defined…

And your energy shoots through the roof!

After working with over a thousand women in the last year alone, I discovered a NEW and simple routine that anyone can do to get your bikini buns as quickly as possible.

Even better, I was noticing these changes in my OWN body…

Inside The Bikini Buns Program, You’ll Discover:

  • The exact low-impact movements you can do in bed proven to lift, tighten, and strengthen your buns in just minutes a day
  • My “easy as ABC” method to double your fat loss with each Bikini Buns Workout… I call this my “breath-easy metabolism trick.” 
  • Why doing hundreds of squats is the best way to firm up your booty, right? WRONG! They actually make your butt look worse.
  • 3 ways to lift your booty without actually exercising… PLUS: 25 of the BIGGEST butt-shaping lies found in popular women’s magazines 
  • The three foods you should NEVER eat that are recommended by almost every diet doctor. Eat these foods and you’re sure to see more cellulite dimples the next day
  • What to NEVER eat before and after you exercise, and why. (If you get this wrong, you’ll self-sabotage your results)

  • The #1 BEST time to exercise if you want to target stubborn butt-flab… it’s true! Brand new research from the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows you can laser-target fat areas exercising at this time of day. TIP: You can use this same method to shrink belly or arm fat too.
  • 1 strange posture trick you can use in seconds to INSTANTLY perk up your bootySwimsuit models use this all the time during photoshoots
  • A sneaky way to sculpt your backside while sitting at your office desk or on the couch at home. PLUS: 7 other weird tricks to lift and tighten your bum without anyone else knowing but you.
  • My 3 favorite Metabolic Booty Movements proven to shape a flirtatious backside while melting away calories and supercharging your metabolism for all-day fat burning. P.S. these Metabolic Booty Movements work for ALL butt-types.
  • Have you heard of “butt amnesia?” It’s a new medical term for women who’ve lost nerve function in your glutes and have poor circulation in your legs. This one problem can even cause cellulite I show you how to prevent and fix butt amnesia in minutes.
  • My “Forever Bubble Butt” Secret to give your butt a lift that won’t quit regardless of age.

  • The 4 fruits and vegetables that you should never eat if you’re looking to firm up your backside and flatten your belly. These so-called “healthy” foods actually cause your booty to expand and get BIGGER, especially after 45.
  • BONUS VIDEO: Give me 2 minutes and I’ll teach you how to speed-up your booty-shaping results using a simple mind-trick that helped me transform my butt and legs. I promise it’s not voodoo. Yet you’ll notice a HUGE difference in your workouts when you do this…
  • The little-known cardio secret for trimming inches of fat off your bum (if that’s your goal)…
    WITHOUT actually “losing” your butt. HINT: It only takes 4-minutes…
  • ​​​How to grow a round and perky booty that hugs tightly against your jeans or fills out your favorite bathing suit WITHOUT your legs becoming bulky.
  • 4 “Better than butt implants” stretches you can do before or after your workout to burn extra calories, shape your bum, and unlock tight glute musclesyou’ll notice the difference almost immediately.
  • My “Saddlebag Slimmer” secret you can use to shrink any unwanted fat on your outer thighs. Do this 3x per week and you’ll NEVER have to look or feel those soft and bulgy leg pockets ever again!
  • And so much more!

Here’s What Else You’ll Get Inside The Complete Bikini Buns program:

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bikini Buns Workout Videos

Valued at $47

Inside the Bikini Buns program, you’ll have access to our new and unique workout plans designed specifically for women over 45.

These workouts are done-for-you. Meaning there’s no guesswork or “figuring it out on your own.”

And they’re CUSTOMIZED exercises using the fastest-working combinations for YOUR booty.

Each workout can be done in 10 minutes or less right from home…

…or in your bedroom…

To lift and tone your buns from every angle possible.

That way, you’ll finally see the toned and trim figure you’re looking for without having to go to the gym where a bunch of strangers sit and stare at you the entire time.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bikini Buns Exercise Video Library

Valued at $79

It’s one thing to know what exercises work best for women over 45. It’s another thing to perform each exercise correctly for the best results

With the Bikini Buns Training Exercise Video Library you’ll have detailed coaching instructions for each butt-shaping movement

No confusion. And no more wasted workouts performing exercises incorrectly.  

Every workout I get to be right there in the living room with you. Showing you exactly why and how to perform each movement for the “lift” you desire

And I guarantee when you perform the movements in these videos, you’ll FEEL every exercise in all the right areas.

Plus, I’m going to show you one special trick I use to activate every muscle in my booty when exercising. This one stimulation technique gives you that “good booty-burn” every single time.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bikini Buns Printable Workout Logs

Valued at $17

This is a fabulous way to track your progress and see results you’ll love. Not just in the mirror, but on paper too…

These logs go hand-in-hand with your complete Bikini Buns Workout programs and can be used with any computer, tablet, or mobile device so you can log your results anywhere, anytime…

And feel motivated and excited as you make progress with every routine…

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bikini Buns Diet

Valued at $37

The secret most women don’t know is that the easiest way to get your new bikini buns…

Along with a flat bikini stomach to match…

Is by eating the right foods at the right times.

It’s NOT about doing hundreds of squats, lunges, and sit ups.

Those don’t do ANYTHING to actually burn fat.

Instead, when you combine the right belly-blasting foods with strategic meal timing, you can burn the extra fat off your belly, butt, and thighs faster than you ever imagined possible.

Now that was everything you’re going to discover inside the Bikini Buns program…

However, I really wanted to sweeten the pot for you and make this a no-brainer. Virtually guaranteeing your success from here on out. Which is why I’ve decided to include these never before released value-added-bonuses below…

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #1: Bikini Body Flat Stomach Workout Videos

Valued at $49 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

The best compliment to your new bikini buns is a flat and firm stomach to go with them…

That way you can flaunt your new bikini at the beach this summer even if you haven’t wore a bathing suit in public in years.

That’s because the secret to flattenting your belly isn’t living at the gym, eating tons of vegetables, or skipping meals.

In fact, it’s so much easier! You just need to combine the right gentle movements with a few specific foods that burn fat for women over 45.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #2: Bikini Thighs

Valued at $49 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

One of my personal clients absolutely hated her thighs, in fact…

In high school, they called her “tank” because her butt and thighs were so thick and stocky…

And 20 years later, things hadn’t gotten any better despite years of dieting, hours of exercise, and thousands of dollars wasted on personal trainers who didn’t understand her unique needs.

And so, over the years I became an expert at thinning out female thighs in a NEW and unique way that’s never been done before.

I didn’t intend to figure this out, I HAD to because I couldn’t stand to see my friends horrified at wearing a bathing suit because of their “thunderous thighs”.

And so, I developed a unique method to thin out your upper thighs in just 2 minutes a day that works for any woman over 45.

The key is working your thighs from 3 different angles while consuming specific ancient nutrients for lunch and dinner that collapse fat cells.

When you do this, your thighs start to thin out and tone up…usually within the first 48 hours.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #3: Bikini Hips & Waist

Valued at $49 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

Are your hips wider than you’d like?

Most women believe that wide hips are a genetic curse that can’t be reversed…

However, in my years of training I’ve discovered that’s simply not true!

The secret is eating a handful of powerful minerals and amino acids that have proven to slim the hips, thighs, and even help remove cellulite.

And when you combine these nutritional tweaks with a few hip-slimming movements you can do in minutes before breakfast…

Your hips will naturally slim down to compliment your new bikini buns and thinned out thighs.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #4: Cellulite Freedom Guide

Valued at $27 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

The Bikini Buns Workouts will help tone and tighten your legs and erase bumpy cellulite…

And the Cellulite Freedom Guide will give you extra tips and tricks to make even the most stubborn cellulite pockets disappear. Even those trouble-spot areas you’ve had for years.

Inside the Cellulite Freedom Guide you’ll discover:

  • The #1 way to prevent new cellulite bumps from popping up on your skin. I’ll also give you a sneaky trick to make your cellulite disappear for a few hours
  • The single best method to beat cellulite. Most women make 2 MAJOR MISTAKES that create new cellulite spots. I’ll show you what to avoid on pages 16-18.
  • 14 forbidden foods that practically welcome cottage-cheese-like cellulite to the surface of your skin. And the 6 foods you should eat daily to keep cellulite far, far away. (You can also throw these ingredients into a smoothie for breakfast and even use it as a meal replacement for FAST weight loss all over your body)… 
  • Plus, so much more (this small list does NOT even begin to do the amount of information in this book justice)

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #5: Hollywood Booty Black Book

Valued at $27 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

Now, I’m not a fan of implants… and I don’t recommend spending thousands of dollars on butt-injections like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and other celebrities…

Which look fake anyway and quite frankly are far from healthy…

However, there are a few women in Hollywood who have a tight, toned, and perky booty WITHOUT any surgery, implants, injections or other phony shortcuts…

Beautiful women with bubbly backsides, like Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. And I want to give you their natural secrets…

Inside the Hollywood Booty Black Book you’ll discover:

  • The “roll out of bed” method you can use tomorrow morning to give your backside a Red-carpet Ready Booty for the rest of the day. It sounds too good to be true, I know, but it works. Check it out on page 17.
  • Hollywood’s Big-screen illusion trick actresses use to give them an extra perk in their backside and create a sexy hourglass shape… HINT: it has everything to do with how you stand and sit and will catch any man’s attention from across the room. You’ll see what I mean when you try it in public… 
  • The 7-day Famous Photoshoot Detox… which is a simple routine to help you lose fat around your belly and waistline fast so your backside can pop even MORE

Just promise me you won’t follow this detox any longer than the 7-days, it’s THAT powerful.

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **

Bonus #6: Varicose Veins Erased

Valued at $19 – YOURS FREE TODAY!

If you hate those eye-catching, sometimes painful, dark-blue and bulging varicose veins on your legs and calves, this is for you…

Because what’s the point of having sexy, lean legs if varicose veins are robbing you of your confidence to show them off?

With Varicose Veins Erased you’ll minimize, even remove those ugly varicose and spider veins WITHOUT surgery or expensive treatment. And I’ll show you exactly how… 

Inside Varicose Veins Erased you’ll discover:

  • The root cause of varicose veins that’s hiding in your heart… and one simple fix you can use today to begin vaporizing those pesky blue lines!
  • 3 delicious super fruits packed with a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals that flow into your varicose veins making them lighter and smaller until one morning you wake up and POOF! They’re gone. Find out more on page 11. 
  • The #1 “wardrobe malfunction” that causes spider veins… the WORST way to sit that practically forces new varicose veins to form… a daytime snack to gently wipe away those squiggly purple linesand plenty more!

Like I said, I wanted to give you every resource you need to get the shapely, perky backside, flawless legs, tiny waist, and bubbling, sexy confidence that men can’t resist and other women envy…

And my mission is to give EVERY woman the opportunity to wake up and feel in love with their body every single day…

Which is why I’m practically giving away this life-changing program for pennies on the dollar. In the beginning I would have sold this entire Booty Transformation System to my clients for $247 on top of what I was already charging for “in person” training…

I’ve had women offer me upwards of $1200/month just to learn these secrets I’m sharing with you… And eventually I plan on raising the price of my Bikini Buns System to the original value…

However, because I’m releasing this to the public for the first time, I’m seeking out 100 personal testimonials and transformation pictures for my BIG launch of the program later this year.

You’ve proven you’re serious about sculpting a tight and toned booty and erasing those bumpy cellulite spots so I trust you’ll set aside 10 minutes of your day, just a few times a week and follow this life-changing plan to the “T”. For that reason, I’m going to practically give away this program for a pre sale release discount of over 80% off at a one-time investment of just $17.

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Access Your Bikini Buns Program

$97   $17

**NOTE: Images are for visualization purposes only. This is a digital product available for instant access **


Here’s the bottom line…

I’m so confident you’ll see amazing results from my Bikini Buns Program that I want to take ALL the risk off of you, and put it on me. What I mean is…

If you don’t tighten, tone and perk up your booty weeks from now. Get the shapely hourglass body you deserve. And feel sexy and confident in your own skin, I’ll give you every penny back, no questions asked, guaranteed.

You see, traditional workouts are only making your legs bigger while your booty, waist, hips, and thighs remain the same. And cardio and intense diets are only stealing your curves and making your shape more flat and square than curvy and sensual. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

If you’re still reading, I’m willing to bet this is something you may be dealing with on a daily basis. You’re probably sick and tired of trying to shape your body with no success. Or maybe you’re seeing a little bit of results but not as much as you’d like for how hard you’re trying. Or hey, maybe you’re happy with your figure and you just want a little extra shape…

Regardless, I want to make this a zero-risk, no brainer for you. Which is why I’m giving you my “Love Your Body” 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I understand you’re a busy woman, so I want to give you a full 60 days to get started. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes a day as long as you follow the simple protocol laid out for you inside the program.

If you do, you’ll experience results and notice improvements in your butt right away. Give it a couple of weeks and you’ll watch your entire figure becoming lean and slim, and you’ll begin to love your body again.

But if for some reason you do not notice these things, just reach out and I’ll be more than happy to provide you a full refund.

I’m putting my butt on the line because I’ve experienced the amazing difference this program has made on my body, intimate life, and confidence… What risk do you have?

You Have 3 Options Of Where To Go From Here

Option 1: Is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and maybe that’s nothing. Or maybe that means you’ll keep following the same-old butt and leg workouts you’ve tried in the past. Hoping you’ll tone up, maybe lose weight (if that’s your goal) and get “in shape.”

Even though deep down you know the exercises you’re doing may be working against your natural female hormones that shift after 45…

Causing your legs and waist to become thick and bulky while your butt remains the same…

Plus, you’ll see new bumps of dimply cellulite appear across your backside…

Yet you continue on the same path because you’re set in your “one way” of doing things…

I’m here to tell you the effects of traditional butt workouts and cardio are only sending you in a downward spiral of frustration. Sadly, I’m not making any of this up. I wish I were, but it’s true.

Most women try to diet like crazy, run for miles on the treadmill or spend hours exercising in hopes of speeding up their results…

However, it’s like quicksand. The harder you try, the faster you sink to the bottom. Until your will is broken and you have nothing left to give.

There’s a reason 78% of women over 20 have cellulite. And according to a recent publication, 91% of women are unhappy with their hips, butt and thighs despite exercising

It’s because they’re doing the wrong exercises for their booty. Which, if you just want to be healthy, that’s fine… yet if you want a round and firm backside you’re going to want to change things up. If not, you’ll feel trapped with a butt you hate. 

Option 2: You can take everything you’ve learned from this letter and try getting results on your own. And I hope you do. I sincerely mean that. I want to get this information out into the world so every woman can feel confident and sexy in their own skin…

It’s a great feeling. Especially when you break-it-off with those former, pointless exercises like you would an evil ex-boyfriend…

However, let me be honest with you…

The sad truth is 9 out of 10 women who read this page will attempt to “figure it out” on their own. Only about 10% will get it right. They are the lucky ladies who will catch lightning in a bottle.

While the other 90% will quit from a lack of results and continue feeling stuck with a butt they hate…

Do you want to risk your chances and be in the 90% group or the 10% group? I’m sure Las Vegas casinos would take that bet any day.

The last choice you can make…

Option 3: For less than a couple tubes of lipstick, or a pair of discounted yoga pants on the sales rack, you can have access to a simple, revolutionary program designed to maximize your booty-toning results while your thighs, hips and figure become tighter and gain more sex-appeal WITHOUT extreme dieting or performing traditional tush-sabotaging butt workouts…

Plus, you’ll notice a nice boost in self-confidence… 

Your man won’t be able to keep his hands off of you

And you’ll be the center of attention in any room

Now, I have to be honest, this isn’t “booty implants in a box,” or some magic potion. However, you can achieve these kinds of results naturally and start noticing a difference in just a few

minutes a day.

Just imagine yourself a few weeks from now when you look in the mirror and notice the muscles in your butt becoming more tight and toned

While the once stubborn fat on your backside begins to shrink and your cellulite dimples disappear

And because these workouts are proven to fire-up your metabolism you’ll notice other “perks”…

Like your waistline naturally cinching down by the inches. Your legs looking lean, fit and trim. And you’ll finally have the confidence to wear your favorite pair of shorts on a Summer day…

Or wear that bikini you thought you’d never try on again at the pool or beach WITHOUT an ounce of insecurity. In fact, you’ll be getting so many compliments your face will be glowing (and probably blushing) the whole day…  

This feeling of confidence is something you cannot put a price on.

To feel like a sexy woman again. Full of energy, outgoing, and fit… to know you have a beautiful backside and body you can be proud of. And to rekindle the romance between you and your partner… because now, you’re no longer scared of what you look like with the lights on…

And it all begins today. Don’t settle for any less any longer.

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Get Your NEW Bikini Buns

$97   $17


Stephanie H.

P.S. If you want to achieve a toned and firm booty, while speeding up your metabolism, shrinking your waistline, and defeating ugly cellulite… and do it all in a few minutes per week, then here’s your chance. You’re here for a reason. You want to feel sexy in your own skin and love the way your backside looks for every occasion. Or maybe you just want to look good in the mirror and finally feel confident. It’s time for this to be your new reality. You can click here or tap now to get started.

P.P.S. And don’t forget… you’re backed up by my “Love Your Body” 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Just click the button to get started.

You’ve Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers.

What is Bikini Buns and how does it work?

Answer: Bikini Buns is a unique form of booty movements designed specifically for women over 50 and is proven to enhance the shape and firmness of your backside regardless of current shape.

This Booty Solution is specifically designed for women and will give you the exact workouts YOU need for your specific genetics. Which is the key to toning your backside without building puffy legs or increasing the appearance of cellulite.

Is Bikini Buns A Physical Product? Is Anything Shipped?

Answer: Bikini Buns is not a physical product and nothing is shipped to you. The entire course is digital and accessed online. This means you’ll have instant access after you purchase and won’t have to wait for anything to be shipped. We currently don’t offer Bikini Buns as a physical program and won’t in the future because we would have to increase the price and we want to give this affordable to all women. All images above that show DVDs are just for visualization purposes only.

I’m a woman over 50 and I have cellulite. Can this program help me get rid of it?

Answer: Yes. There are plenty of leg and butt exercises you can do from home to reduce, or wipe away cellulite. However, doing the wrong exercises and eating the wrong foods will only make your cellulite appear worse… Which is why I recommend only following the exercises and nutritional guidelines in this program. I’ll show you exactly what to do in the quick start manual.

I’ve also included the Cellulite Freedom Guide. A bonus resource which gives you 21 daily cellulite shrinking short-cuts, including 5 Doctor-Published, cellulite smoothing at-home remedies.

Is it true that performing squats and doing lots of cardio isn’t helping shape or tighten my butt?

Answer: Yes. A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning found the majority of women are “quad dominant”. Meaning… when you do squats, or other exercises that bend at the knee… the front of your legs do most of the work. So your thighs build all the muscle! Causing your legs to grow big… while your backside remains the same.

And according to several studies, including one published in the Journal of Applied Physiology… doing too much cardio can cause muscle loss. Including the muscles in your booty. Meaning, the strong and firm muscle that keeps your butt looking round and toned begins to shrink. 

Bikini Buns provides a “way out” for women. A solution that doesn’t require hundreds of squats, working out at the gym, or logging dozens of miles on the treadmill per week. Instead, you can sculpt and tone your backside following a few simple gentle routines that work for your body not against it.

Who is Bikini Buns NOT for?

Answer: I’d like to say this program is for everyone but it’s not. If you’re someone who loves spending hours of your week working out, this is not for you. Bikini Buns is for women who want to spend as little time exercising as possible, but still want amazing results. Which can all be done at home. No equipment needed. You see, running hours a week on the treadmill or performing marathon workouts will only push you further away from your desired goal. For that reason I don’t want you to purchase the program until you’re ready to cut back on your workouts at the gym or on the treadmill.

How long before I notice results?

Answer: It depends how much effort you put into the program. The women who get the best results are the one’s who follow the program to the letter. Many notice improvements in their butt and legs in the first few days. However, the typical user of virtually all education products treat them in much the same way they treat a book. The vast majority of people just read or skim through it once, then never implement the program or take the recommended action. The best way to get results is to follow everything outlined in the program. Therefore, it should be understood that since most people never take action reports of specific improvements, booty gains, or any positive results of any kind should be considered the exception rather than the rule.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Answer: If you don’t notice a difference, just send customer service an email and they will be more than happy to provide you a full 100% money back refund. No questions or hassles. 

Who do you recommend Bikini Buns to?

Answer: I strongly recommend this program for ladies 30 years and up looking to lift and firm their booty and reduce stubborn cellulite dimples without spending hours running each week or lifting weights at the gym. According to a recent survey 85% of women over 20 struggle with cellulite and 91% of women don’t like the appearance of their butt, hips and thighs. Bikini Buns ends this frustration women face every year by giving you effective and results-proven workouts. 

Click The “Add To Cart” Button Below To Access Your Bikini Buns Program 

$97   $17

How long does it take for me to get the program?

Answer: About 10 seconds to a few minutes. After your purchase, you’ll get instant access to the entire Bikini Buns program and free bonuses. You can download it to your computer and start sculpting your backside right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process for your program. The entire program is digital. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer you the entire system at a reduced price, which are bonus points for you!

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

Answer: Absolutely. When you click the “Add To Cart” button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise. Clickbank is a Top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted with over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries. They can also process refunds if needed.

Who is Clickbank?

Answer: Clickbank is a global platform where digital product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

Can I use PayPal to checkout?

Answer: Yes. You can securely purchase your Bikini Buns program using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

3 Day Craving Killer Protocol

3 Day Craving Killer Protocol

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A Guide On Your Path to Fitness…

We’re further along the same path than some people and not as far along the path as others.

We’re reaching back with one hand to help some catch up and reaching forward with the other to accept help from those ahead.

We’re here to guide you and help you….while lifting heavy stuff along the way!

Contact Info


BetterU, Inc.

75 Commerce Dr., #342

Grayslake, IL, USA, 60030

Phone Number:



[email protected]

7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

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It’s causing weight gain and a flabby body,

  joint pain, digestive distress, and fatigue,

and most women know….it isn’t just from aging!

Stop putting more effort into hiding your embarrassing rolls.

I know you’re squeezing into your jeans and covering up your flabby body wishing you actually wanted to spend a romantic night with your man without feeling self conscious about how you look.

Your pain and frustration is familiar to me. Although I may be an anti-aging and female fat loss expert, I still get nervous about taking my clothes off because I once thought that a firm and energized body was something I’d never see on myself again.

I used to have a flabbier older looking body with zero energy and weighed more in my early 30’s than I do now at 50+ with a 22 year old son.

Dawn Sylvester Age 58

Women’s Anti-aging Expert

That’s me on the beach in Miami a few months ago at age 58!


I’m women’s weight loss coach and anti-aging expert Dawn Sylvester.

I have been coaching women to lose weight while anti-aging, sculpting, and transforming their bodies for 20+ years… with mind blowing success.

Someone saw that picture of me and posted “put your clothes back on Dawn, you’re putting the 20 year old girls to shame!”

After discovering “the secret” to busting through my old ideas about nutrition, and understanding my exhaustion, not to mention the exercise myths that I held onto, I became a coach for women, specializing in nutrition, metabolism, anti-aging and weight loss.

When I personally learned how to combat what I knew so many women were feeling, I considered it my job to inform and help them regain their youthful bodies back like I did.

  Attention Frustrated Females!

What we thought would get us “in shape” is what’s lead to long term damage.

Too much cardio produces excess amounts of aging accelerants called free radicals, making you look and feel older, while putting your hormones at risk.

Dieting and long bouts of cardio will never change how  firm, sculpted or energized your body is and might actually prevent you from losing weight causing harmful effects to your hormones

Do you feel like it’ll be impossible to ever feel good again?

I can assure you, that it isn’t just “that you’re older. 

All you want is someone to acknowledge that your body is crying for help.

You want  your energy levels back and would do anything to see a firmer, more youthful body again!

Changing your shape is NOT about giving up food but about using the RIGHT kind of exercise.

In my early 30’s, I practically had a “reserved” spot on the cardio equipment in the trendiest gym. After looking at a picture of myself on a vacation, I realized that the pounds were really starting to creep up.

So I followed the trendiest diet, only to give into cravings within days. I’d try to “out exercise” my bad food choices by working out longer or cutting more calories. All I ended up with was a flabbier, older looking body that was exhausted, losing hair, irritable, hungry and gaining more weight.

in my 30’s, I hired the top male trainers

and was told to exercise more often, do more cardio and eat less.

Those trainers were dead wrong and all their advice did was sabotage my goals.

I ended up with devastating female issues, suffered from burnout and was constantly getting sick.

I’ll admit I even tried diet pills that made me jittery and unable to sleep.

When I say “I know how you feel, I really do….”

For years I continued to make the mistakes I still see women making. I didn’t realize that while I was going bonzo with cardio and diet foods that my body was aging faster storing more fat than ever!

Does this all feel and sound familiar?

That’s why I understand your despair and want to tell you that it isn’t your fault that you have been mislead.

I was celebrating the fat me never coming back and now you can too with access to “the secret” that has transformed thousands of women!

Now I own a gym with my Firefighter husband (did I mention that he is 11 years younger than me?)…and get interviewed by doctors while being regularly invited to do speaking engagements for women’s groups. I also contribute to fitness sites and magazines and am a local sought after expert on ageless energy, women’s fat loss and body transformations.

pantsHave you vowed over and over to never cram your body into a pair of Spanx or Tummy Taming Jeans Again?

ONE OF THE BIGGEST WOMEN’S ISSUES I HEAR EVERY DAY IS the myth for women to follow old school methods of extreme dieting, while spending hours in the gym!

I was called by an old friend that recently hired a trainer. She mentioned that she was asking him why she feels sick after every session. His reply was “well, do you want to get rid of that fat or not!?” (and then tells her that she should follow a 1000 calorie diet daily!)

This enraged me!

This method of training is exactly what breaks our bodies down, making it a dangerous and impossible to follow plan that no woman should be on!

If you’re getting your advice from buff twenty-something male “fitness experts” telling you to count your calories and lift heavy weights, but you’re packing on pounds and can’t walk for days?  STOP.

The problem is that most exercises and diet plans are written by men and work for men.

After a week the weight falls off of them! Take them to the beach and it’s “shirts off” right away.

But for us? Bathing suit shopping and the beach is our worst nightmare!

Imagine Slipping into a Fitted Sexy Dress Never Having to Endure An

Uncomfortable “Girdle” Like Your Grandmother Used to Wear Without Extreme Dieting, or ever Stepping onto a Treadmill

Having kids or getting older is not the reason you still have fat

on your belly, or a flabby butt, or extra rolls spilling over the edge of your bra.

Maybe it’s time you listen to someone you can relate to.

A woman that only trains women and gets results!

All without overtaxing your body so that you can look and feel younger than you have in years.


You Can Unlock your Fat Burning Hormones


Anti-age your Body and Reclaim your Youth

as you Target Your Trouble Spots

Sculpting and Firming your belly, arms, hips and thighs.


Girls seriously between you and I…

That deadly cardio/calorie restriction combo is a woman’s worst enemy if you want to reshape your body!

Wonder why you’ve spent hours walking, or going to Zumba but the bulges never seem to go away?

It isn’t that you aren’t exercising enough!

Doctors have shown studies that too much exercise can cause everything from fatigue, to altering hormonal levels while harming the immune system, and increasing cortisol.(1) Too much stress creates stored belly fat,  while also creating free radicals. Those nasty little buggers inside of your body that you don’t see that cause inflammation, broken metabolic rates, weight gain, and disease…

…all while weakening your immune system making you look and feel older while you keep gaining weight and feeling exhausted.

Extreme exercise  actually damages cells and ages your body.

As we age, our human growth hormone (the anti-aging magical cocktail) production slows down, making us feel and look exhausted and aged.

It has been proven that short bursts of exercise provide the energy to tap into fat storing cells torching flab while releasing a “cocktail” of youthful hormones that create a firm and strong body promoting weight loss that lasts.





With a shift in my approach that lead me to discover the way to incinerate stubborn fat quickly… I have been coaching women into shedding layers of unsightly bulges revealing their slimmest, firmest and sexiest bodies ever!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a few hours extra to spend doing things you love with a fit and sexy figure, and the confidence and the energy you had when you were young?

If you have been dieting and spending money on gym memberships but are not seeing results and are more discouraged than ever, you are wasting time!


Imagine Cutting Exercise Time Down
by More than 88%
while achieving Body Sculpting Results
in 7 minutes!

The fact is that women’s bodies need different exercises and methods than men do. We are physically not designed to endure the types extreme weightlifting that men do without possibly leading to injury. Our bodies mechanics are built differently, and respond differently than a man’s.

We do not have the testosterone that men do to grow huge muscles, but we still need to get stronger and add lean muscle if we want a faster metabolic rate and a streamlined, lean body.

Hey girls, don’t we want everything on our bodies to be lifted, sculpted and firm?

Then why do we run or exercise for hours pounding and aging our bodies while pulling everything down?

Wouldn’t you rather defy gravity and look like everything is lifted?

Imagine finding a time machine that makes you look and feel like you’re aging backwards!

*When I shifted my exercise routine away from cardio, and added energizing foods,

I didn’t have to lay on the bed and pull up my zipper while sucking in my belly.

My love handles (who ever named them that?) even melted all while eating real food!

Girls, there is a warning:

This is not for you if you love doing cardio and  are ok with a flat rear

and don’t want that tight look that younger girls turn heads with.

This is also not for you if you don’t think that you have to do anything different to change what your body looks like now, or put in some effort to achieve the body that you stare at and admire on others.

Here is where you will Discover

the Exciting Body Sculpting Breakthrough

that you never knew existed …that takes only 7 minutes

One KEY SECRET to this plan is that the short movement patterns and the order that you will be doing them is what will continue to torch calories for hours, long after you are done working out.


In the fitness world, this is called the “afterburn effect” and the hottest trainers in Hollywood use workouts like these to sculpt the stars quickly!

However, you can be a mom, a teacher or a CEO, and get mind blowing star like results!

People ask me, “do you work out for hours?”  When I say “no, minutes” and usually not every day”…

First they don’t belive me. But then they want to know my secret.

After years of enduring diets and the wrong exercises I discovered how to train my body so that it burns fat continuously without following a strict diet, stepping on a scale or counting a single calorie.

This fat destroying body firming plan is backed by the science geared towards a women’s specific needs so that you melt off the weight, sculpting stubborn fat cells like your body is constantly on fire!

…and speaking of fire, I might add that I am friskier and feel younger than I did when I was in my thirties!

Why suffer with the latest “eat nothing for hours” diet trends, while adding on the pounds only to feel older, frumpier, and hopeless when you can WORKOUT LESS, EAT MORE and FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!

Imaging waking up with a Slim Firm Body that fits into everything

with a flatter belly, a tight rear and slim hips EVERY time you get dressed!


Our Resting Metabolic Rate is slowing down forcing us to store fat, while our BMI is rapidly getting higher!

This is caused by muscle loss and a dead metabolic rate…all associated with aging rapidly! (1)

Could it be that the experts and your Doctors “advice” is sabotaging your weight loss?

Even though there are exercise physiologists with years of solid backgrounds…

a lot of those studies are out of date! Some doctors still say “walking” is enough when that is 100% not true! It also used to be thought that extreme cardio was good for us. We are now seeing the damaging effects from muscle wasting, chronic wear and tear on joints and overuse injuries. Cardiologists are even saying that hours of extreme cardio is bad for our hearts!(2)

KEY TAKEAWAY: Studies show us that shorter specific exercises that target the entire body while increasing oxygen uptake is the key to anti-aging, hormone balance, getting the weight off and keeping it off.

Around age 30, our bodies start the decline of muscle loss and fat gain.

Our addiction to sugar, simple carbohydrates and weight gain has taken over our lives. Our cells start dying off as our telomeres (the DNA cells that shrink and age us) start getting shorter… making us more vulnerable to weight gain, diabetes, obesity related disorders, depression, bone loss, and loss of sex drive.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Now is the time to take control of TIME, and AGING. If you’re not involved in an exercise program that reverses weight gain, and strengthens your body, your cells shrink and die. Our aging hormones will then take over turning our bodies into fat storing, flabby, aged worn out women.

Compulsive exercise actually promotes the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. (3)This is a hormone often associated with belly fat.

From extra wear and tear on joints, to unfavorably altering our body internally, overtraining increases the possibility of breaking down our hormonal systems and accelerating the aging process.(4)

KEY TAKEAWAY: Obesity is affecting two thirds of our population with devastating aging, emotional and medical issues. Cortisol is a “stress hormone” that contributes to bellyfat that surrounds our organs known as visceral fat. Visceral fat is the kind of fat that leads us down the path to disease…contributing to high medical bills, with depression, needing caretakers and the inability to move.


Research shows that age related muscle loss starts in our 30’s and leads to accelerated aging, pain and poor posture, hormone imbalances and obesity related disease. This is prevevntable. By following a plan of resistance training, you can prevent age related muscle loss while warding off weakness and improve the body’s ability to convert protein…which is essential for muscle formation.(5)

We blame our weight on our genes saying “all the women in my family are fat.” It doesn’t matter if you’ve always suffered, or every woman in your family is miserably obese. You have the ability to reverse that cycle and trick our gene pool while safely losing weight, getting leaner and keeping it off for life!

“I believe that our minds must change before we can change our bodies…and that we can convince ourselves into thinking, acting and feeling younger… and I am going to give you to tools to do that”

Here are the simple tools so that you can take back your youthful sexy body!

What is the 7 Minute Secret?

The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret is your body’s fat torching, body firming  “fountain of youth!”

  • It is 7 minute follow along video workouts that can be done anywhere, for beginners to advanced exercisers with little to no equipment that keeps your metabolic rate in a state of “afterburn” burning calories long after you are done working out. This has also shown to keep telomeres (the aging DNA cells that determine how fast you age) in an active state, slowing the aging process!(2)

  • It is a 3 STAGE WORKOUT PLAN with targeted specific exercises that sculpt and burn fat in your belly, hips, arms, back and thighs, incinerating fat while adding on firmer metabolism raising lean muscle. (the tissue responsible for burning calories when you are NOT working out!)

  • It is a guided download to the missing link that will shift your body to work in your favor, turning on fat-melting hormones so that you burn calories instead of ever storing them.

  • Re-awaken your libido with daily tips as you increase energy and blood flow to places you might have forgotten about, without using harmful pills or creams.

  • It is a plan to firm up and tighten saggy skin and excess flab whether you are 25 or 75! You will be coached into how to exercise properly with moves that target your body so you can look forward to functional strength and a firmer looking, youthful figure.

What the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret is NOT…

  • The “secret” is NOT long exercise sessions that don’t produce results and actually KEEP you flabbier with a slower metabolic rate.

  • The “secret” is NOT having to go to a gym, do boring cardio, sit on a machine, or lift big heavy weights with the probability of getting injured while never seeing results.

  • The “secret” is NOT any trendy low calorie diet or fad that doesn’t let you eat real foods and that you need a calculator or an app for.

  • The “secret” is NOT about starving yourself into a weak and flabbier tired and foggy brained old gal.

Get rid of those old habits and exercise myths that are aging you starting TODAY.

You will never have to weigh yourself or count calories on your plate again when you Turn your Body into a Youthful Fat Torching Furnace that is Continuously Melting Off EVERY Bite of Food you Eat!

Say hello to fitted clothes at any age!

Fall in love with shopping again!

Let them wonder the “SECRET”

to your new sexy body!

Imagine looking slimmer than in any picture you’ve ever taken!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to look in the mirror and love what you see ready to spend some “alone” time with your man, instead of making up excuses because you “just aren’t in the mood”?

Reclaim Your Youthful Body With Energy Levels you see in Girls Half Your Age with The 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret

Why waste another day hiding your body dreading another birthday when you can be celebrating how HOT you look starting TODAY!

P.s. Hey girls, I understand you are skeptical because I tried every new trend for years too. I’m done wasting my valuable time on what doesn’t work, and never have to worry about my weight again. I know you agree it’s time to end the painful rollercoaster that you have been on and are ready for exciting change!

Don’t spend another day thinking or dreaming about a leaner body.

Don’t wait for Monday or someday…“SOMEDAY IS NOW!”

Flatten Your Belly, Tone Flabby Muscle And Visibly Look And Feel 10 Years Younger In Only 7 Minutes!

  • An Easy to use Follow along bodyweight system that allows any woman at any fitness level to experience your most youthful and attractive looking body at any age!
  • Get Leaner and Stronger, with a Toned and More Youthful Body that Seemed Impossible Before with Movement Patterns that Target your Troublespots, fight off aging, and send your energy soaring!
  • You’ll be shocked at how fast your belly flattens and how your skin suddenly becomes firm and lifted right in front of your own eyes with these little known yet powerful and proven ageless body secrets that have been virtually hidden from the general republic.
  • Imagine regaining your confidence to slip into your favorite pair of jeans or wearing a slim fitted dress…suddenly you’re feeling more attractive and everyone around you takes notice of your younger, firmer, and more radiant body….most women report that they’ve never been more desired by their husbands as they are AFTER 50 with the ageless body secret!

A 3 Step Flat Belly Formula for any woman, at any age, in any fitness level

  • HD Follow Along Workout Videos With Clear and Simple Coaching Instructions from Warm up to Cool Down.

  • Watch the Videos on Your Phone, Tablet, Computer or TV.

  • Downloadable Guide with Expert Tips and Tools to Change Your Body, Your Fitness and Energy Levels, and Your Life in Just Minutes a Day from a top Anti-Aging and Fatloss Expert!

  • Buy Now

    This is a digital product so that you can get started today and don’t have to wait for anything to be shipped.

    No physical product will be sent to you

    Your leaner youthful body that looks like it doesn’t age…

    isn’t a secret any more…

    It’s RIGHT HERE!

    References for 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret






    Disclaimer: This product’s results will vary, but not if you let it sit in your inbox. The truth is that most people don’t do anything with the products they buy, especially those requiring very little cash upfront, so most of the time, the typical results are zero. The biggest component in anyone’s success with this product is actually using it.

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    Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40 – The Next Big Thing On CB!

    Ben Pakulksi’s Mi40 – The Next Big Thing On CB!

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    Discover How You Can Immediately Double Your Muscle Gains, Remodel ANY “Weak” Bodypart,Smash EVERY Plateau, All While Revealing Your Abs At The SAME Time…

    Get The Full Story Below!



    Hi, my name is Benjamin Pakulski and I’m honored for the opportunity to expose the five most common training and dietary mistakes reversing your gains and I am extremely excited to hand you my plateau-busting shortcuts to maximize lean muscle gains, crush “weak body parts” and incinerate fat so you keep your abs the entire time.

    Every 40 days you’ll experience a new growth spurt utilizing my body-remodeling methods –NOS ™ technology, the power of the number forty, my Three-Phase Nutrition system and the revolutionary workout technique Intent.

    For the first time, I have organized all my absolute best muscle-building knowledge — after twenty years of trial-and-error on myself & clients, and rubbing shoulders with the world’s brightest doctors, therapists and coaches – into the Muscle Intelligence ™ foundational training system!

    It’s the same system that helped me become one of the top 15 ranked pro bodybuilders in the world.

    The same system that has landed me on dozens of magazine tovers such as Muscular Development, Flex, MuscleMag and many more…

    It’s the same training system that has transformed the lives of hundreds of regular males & females all over the world – and the same system that will teach you the scientifically optimal way to achieve your ultimate body.

    First, I know what you’re thinking so let’s acknowledge the big purple elephant in the room.

    Ben, aren’t you a pro bodybuilder who takes steroids? I’m drug-free so why should I listen to you?”



  • No matter what you’re taking, you BETTER make sure your body is working optimally on the INSIDE and your training is MAXIMIZED on the outside.
  • You can take as many “extra-curricular supplements” as you want, and if your body isn’t treated as a whole organism; maximizing recovery, controlling inflammation and balancing hormones – its going to BREAK DOWN very, very quickly. Your gains will be limited and not long-term.
  • There are TONS of juice monkeys in every gym taking stuff and NOT growing.
  • They have the “eat more protein, lift more weight approach”.Sorry folks, the days of the dumb meathead are LONG GONE along with parachute pants and bandanas.
  • Ninety percent of my clients are 100% drug-free
  • so I know my methods are equally effective for drug-free & drug-assisted individuals. I approach ANY athlete by looking at the body as a whole. If there is ONE ingredient missing from the pie, you won’t be responding in the best way possible.

    What someone chooses to do above and beyond PERFECT training concepts and optimal nutrition is their own choice. Anabolic “assistance” or not, why wouldn’t anyone want to minimize their time in the gym and maximize results? Sounds like pretty simple meathead math to me.


    “I grew up training natural and eating clean. There was no cutting corners
    for me. My mediocre genetics would NEVER allow it!”


    In fact, I have always preferred working with drug-free trainees because it’s more of a challenge and requires a more thoughtful & intelligent approach. We must carefully analyze every aspect if we want them to beat their non drug-free counterparts! They often tend to be much more receptive to an intelligent “whole body” approach.

    Drugs or no-drugs, professional bodybuilders are just like you. We obviously have different caloric requirements, different training load, but at the end of the day, we’re all trying to get 100% out of our bodies. We push our limits, minimize injuries, recover as fast as possible and do it all over again!

    The smarter bodybuilders, like myself, focus on how to optimize recovery: short term and long term. This is the limiting factor to muscle growth! The faster you can recover, the more time you spend being anabolic (growing). Improve your capacity to recover faster and you can train again sooner to stimulate more new growth.

    My personal motto has always been: ”
    The more you know, the more you grow!”

    “What you’ll be STUNNED
    to learn about me…”

    To tell you all a little about myself, I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario. My areas of study were primarily Kinesiology and Biomechanics. In short, muscle function and movement are my specialty – how to maximally shorten and extend a body part through it’s strength curve while maintaining maximal tension, is what WE’RE ALL AFTER! More on that shortly…

    My passion for health and fitness is second only to my passion for helping others improve their lives. I know it sounds somewhat “cliché” but ask anyone who knows me, and they will tell you that I am one of those people that gives selflessly and LOVES to see the people around me succeed. I always say that “Living a successful life is never any fun on your own. Bring as many people along for the ride as you can!”

    I have never viewed myself as an overly blessed individual (I was once a long distance runner and no one in my family works out). From day one, my life has been centered on learning the best information, from the best resources and brightest people who exist.

    Ben Pakulski

    Twenty years I have been ACTIVELY SEEKING cutting edge information from the world’s leading athletic doctors, coaches, trainers and therapists and applying just about every possible technique on myself. This journey has brought me to where I am today…

    A very successful, happy, healthy, motivated, professional bodybuilder, author, public speaker, nutrition coach, celebrity trainer and success coach. Sounds like a lot of hats, but they all tie into one balanced life… sometimes!

    There are five problems we must address right now…

    5 Irrefutable Reasons You’ll NEVER Grow And The 5 Uncommon Scientific-Solutions To Guaranteeing Max Gains…


    weightsReason #1
    Being obsessed with lifting heavy!

    Ever notice that you FEEL the muscle better on your warm up sets than you do on your “working sets”? Isn’t it so true that the lighter weights often burn way more than the heavy ones? Why do you think that is?

    Well, one of the main reasons is that you’re not focusing all your attention on stabilizing a weight and barely moving it from point A to point B, likely using every muscle in the general vicinity to get it to move and the range is WAY smaller than it was with the lighter weight. The PROBLEM here is that the TENSION has SHIFTED everywhere BUT the working muscle!

    Your body adapts and starts using anything it can to keep itself safe. You can continue lifting heavy weights, all day long, but without optimal muscle tension, don’t expect to see any improvement in your skinny arms and legs! If you can’t “feel” your muscles then you won’t be able to exhaust them enough to elicit the hormonal, metabolic and nervous system response for muscle growth.

    The Solution:

    Tension! Tension! Tension! NOT Heavy Weight! Introducing: Intent !

    Your muscles have no idea how much weight you’re lifting. You’ve all heard it before. They can’t recognize whether you’re lifting 10 lbs or 100 lbs. The ONLY things muscles know is TORQUE, or for us less scientifically-inclined, tension.

    If we can increase the amount of TENSION, we can increase muscle growth.

    “WHAT ON EARTH is he talking about?”

    What if I told you there was a BREAKTHROUGH technique that allows you to use HALF the weight and keep the same amount of tension on the muscle! With Intent, you can selectively fatigue each and every muscle in your body without having to burn out your entire body, and your joints, in the process.

    Sounds too good to be true, I know. In a moment, you can try Intent on yourself.

    With Intent, you change the tension by means of a technique almost imperceptible to an observer. You pull inward or push outward with your hands or feet as you perform an exercise. The different motion makes your muscles fire in a different way and leaves you more sore the next day than you have been in months.

    shevsliftingReason #2
    Believing that you have “genetically weak” body parts

    We all have “strong” body parts. The parts that just seem to grow no matter what you do. They grow easier and faster than the rest. Have you ever wondered why your body parts don’t all develop at the same rate? Imagine that there was a way to make your “weak” body part grow the same as your “strong” body part? You’ll LOVE this:

    The Solution:

    Breaking Crappy Lifting Technique & Re-Training Movement Patterns

    The key is to overwrite old crappy movement patterns with new ones. For any lifter, especially serious bodybuilders, this is the number one reason you’re unable to grow. Knowing the OPTIMAL range of motion – how to fully lengthen (extend) and fully shorten (contract) a muscle – is the key to growing. Unfortunately, these ranges are more complex than you think.

    A muscle is weakest at the extreme points of the range of motion; i.e., when it is fully lengthened or fully shortened. Putting your muscle into these full ranges where we are most unfamiliar is critical to develop untapped and untrained muscle fibers. Strengthening these weak points of the muscle will strengthen the maximal ability of the entire muscle. It’s like when the worst player on the team gets better, even if it’s a small increase, the whole team benefits.

    Shortly I’ll teach you the proper anatomical function of each muscle so you can learn how to manipulate everything from shoulder position, hip orientation, spine flexion or extension, wrist position and elbow position in order to isolate “weak” body parts and say goodbye to them FOREVER.

    It is important to realize that it is just as easy to learn the RIGHT technique as it is to learn the WRONG one. So why not choose now to learn the right way and say goodbye to crappy results?!


    weightsReason #3
    “Have I done enough? Or Should I do more?”

    Carrying a set to a point where you are forced to utilize 100 percent of your momentary ability is the single most important factor in increasing size and strength. Working to this “point of failure” when another rep is impossible despite the greatest effort, ensures that you pass through the “anabolic threshold!” This is the point in any set or workout that MUST be surpassed to elicit NEW GROWTH. Once you learn to routinely overcome the anabolic threshold, your results will increase geometrically.

    The Solution:

    NOS ™– a.k.a. Neurological Overload Sets

    Neurological overload set training is directly responsible for new growth spurts and overcoming plateaus. On the fourth and final set of a given exercise – usually for each exercise in a workout – we perform four consecutive drop sets in 20% increments and try to knock off at least 5-6 reps with each weight.

    NOS ™ has proven more effective than any other intensifier technique – beats everything else, hands down. NOS ™ is a great way to overload the muscle, create metabolic debt, as well as overload the nervous system to force adaptation. NOS ™ volume varies based on the client’s training age and will be prescribed to your fitness level below. Keep reading!


    liftingReason #4
    Unable To Stimulate Maximal Testosterone Response

    When we lift weights, the endocrine system is stimulated to kick up production of muscle-building chemicals — the anabolic hormones like testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormone — to create the optimal biological scenario to support muscle growth and repair. But, exactly what kind of workouts elicit the greatest anabolic response from the endocrine system?

    The Solution:

    Enter The Number FORTY (40)!

    Might you be wondering the significance of the number 40? The number 40 is the most important number in this program because it is the number that has the most scientific significance in MI40.

    Forty is representative of the number of days in the program (40 days), the amount of time in a set (40 seconds), the rest between sets (40 seconds), and the number of exercises divided into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal exercises.

    Many of you will immediately recognize the scientific significance of all of these numbers and some of you may not. The number 40 was chosen because of the fact that it is the MOST optimal number for many of these variables when it comes to unleashing your body’s own anabolic factories for maximum growth – naturally!

    As will be explained in the program, 40 days has been proven to be the most optimal amount of time to adapt to any new training program (6 weeks). Forty seconds is the ideal amount of “Time Under Tension”(TUT) to elicit muscular hypertrophy. Forty seconds rest is the ideal amount of time to allow your CP and ATP Glycolytic energy pathways to recover before the next set (these are the energy pathways that drive muscular contraction of fast-twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for growth!).


    weightsReason #5
    Gaining More Fat than Muscle

    Carrying a set to a point where you are forced to utilize 100 percent of your momentary ability is the single most important factor in increasing size and strength. Working to this “point of failure” when another rep is impossible despite the greatest effort, ensures that you pass through the “anabolic threshold!” This is the point in any set or workout that MUST be surpassed to elicit NEW GROWTH. Once you learn to routinely overcome the anabolic threshold, your results will increase geometrically.

    The Solution:

    Ben Pakulski’s 3-Phase Nutrition To Build Muscle & Get Ripped At The Same Time

    Three-phase Nutrition is a dietary protocol that suggests you take in a significantly different amount of carbs on certain days of the week to help you burn bodyfat while packing on muscle mass the other days. You manipulate nutrient timing and volume to exactly conform to YOUR goals — perhaps the most cutting-edge dietary protocol and it’s just moments from being in your hands.

    Are you ready to immediately ADD muscle to your slow-to-grow body parts, smash ANY plateau, while carving out your 6-pack?

    Are you ready to become my next top success story like these individuals who trusted me?


    Envision getting size & cuts at the same time every 6 weeks
    – while revealing your washboard abs!

    To summarize, why do
    guys and gals struggle
    to make even modest

    Obsessing over heavier weights instead of increasing TIME UNDER TENSION.

    Training through a limited range of motion due to a lack of biomechanic muscle function and how to fully shorten and lengthen a muscle through it’s greatest strength curve.

    Not knowing if “I did enough” or if “I did too much?” — a.k.a. being uncertain if your workout intensity was optimal to elicit hormonal, metabolic and nervous system response to trigger growth.

    Failure to stimulate maximal testosterone response.

    Crappy diet that piles on more fat than muscle.


    Today you have a chance to take your physique to incredible new heights and maximize your potential with my
    revolutionary new system – I will teach you how to achieve massive muscle and immense strength without the use of drugs, helping you achieve physical perfection naturally.



    Mi40 Product


    $67 Value

    Component 1

    The 40-Day MASS Intelligence Training Manual

    MI40-Foundation stands for Muscle Intelligence 40 This is the only muscle-gaining system that shows you how to apply conscious INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle. It relies on the intensifier NOS ™ and exploits the scientific significance of the number 40 when it comes to rapid and permanent muscle growth.

    The training manual goes into depth explaining the science behind the intensifier technique NOS ™ and how to execute Intent. I have used NOS ™ & Intent to become one of the best bodybuilders on the planet and will rely on it up until every show that I do. You can use it to change your body & life.


    Component 2

    The 40-Day MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual

    The Nutrition Manual teaches you how to achieve the most common goal — building muscle & losing fat in less time. You want to get big & lean. You want to bulk up while staying ripped. You want size & cuts! They don’t call me The Master Molder for nothing!

    The best way to achieve these goals is the implementation of my patented dietary strategy known as Three Phase Nutrition. Get ready to learn – step-by-step – how to add muscle size while even losing fat in the process!


    $67 Value


    complete mi40 system

    $1050 Value

    Component 3

    The 40-Day MASS Instruction Workout Videos

    Get coached by me and watch me guide world-class athletes like Figure
    Champ Emily Stirling, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, and TNA wrestler ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry, to the next level. If these athletes have room to learn and grow, you do too!

    Keep this in perspective: to get a 1 to 1 hour with me in Tampa, Florida, you’re
    looking at $150 an hour, and it would take us about 7-8 hours to cover all the major bodyparts. To be frank, I think $150 an hour is a steal for the value I deliver.

    So…. WITHOUT A DOUBT… the BEST part about MI40-Foundation is getting over SEVEN (7) hours of coaching time with me on HD video! SEVEN HOURS of life-changing step-by-step instruction! That would cost you $1,050 if you came to Tampa, Florida to hire me. But you won’t have to pay even close to $1,050 and you’re getting so much more with the entire MI40-Foundation System today!


    Component 4

    The 40-Day MASS Proportions Exercise Execution Guide

    MI40-Foundation is a training system that is made up of the 40 best-ever exercises and categorized into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal exercises – some common and many unique. In this exercise demo guide, all 40 exercises will be demonstrated with pictures showing the start and finish position of every exercise.

    As well, each exercise is explained in explicit detail how to maximally shorten and lengthen a muscle through it’s FULL range of motion, which is PARAMOUNT, to double your gains.


    $77 Value



    $17 Value

    Component 5

    The 40-Day MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets

    Get coached by Big Ben and watch him guide world-class athletes like Figure Champ Emily Stirling, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, and TNA wrestler ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry, to the next level. If these athletes have room to learn and grow, you do too!

    Keep this in perspective: to get a 1 to 1 hour with me in Tampa, Florida, you’re looking at $150 an hour, and it would take us about 7-8 hours to cover all the major bodyparts. To be frank, I think $150 an hour is a steal for the value I deliver.

    So…. WITHOUT A DOUBT… the BEST part about MI40-Foundation is getting over SEVEN (7) hours of coaching time with me on HD video! SEVEN HOURS of life-changing step-by-step instruction! That would cost you $1,050 if you came to Tampa, Florida to hire me. But you won’t have to pay even close to $1,050 and you’re getting so much more with the entire MI40-Foundation System today!


    Component 6

    The 40-Day MASS Pursuit Calendar

    MI40-Foundation is a training system that is made up of the 40 best-ever exercises and categorized into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal exercises – some common and many unique. In this exercise demo guide, all 40 exercises will be demonstrated with pictures showing the start and finish position of every exercise.

    As well, each exercise is explained in explicit detail how to maximally shorten and lengthen a muscle through it’s FULL range of motion, which is PARAMOUNT, to double your gains.


    $17 Value



    $27 Value

    Component 7

    The 40-Day MASS Supplement Stack Protocol

    Get coached by Big Ben and watch him guide world-class athletes like Figure Champ Emily Stirling, Bodybuilding Champion Matt Stirling, Pro Fitness Model Vince Del Monte, and TNA wrestler ‘The Freak’ Rob Terry, to the next level. If these athletes have room to learn and grow, you do too!

    Keep this in perspective: to get a 1 to 1 hour with me in Tampa, Florida, you’re looking at $150 an hour, and it would take us about 7-8 hours to cover all the major bodyparts. To be frank, I think $150 an hour is a steal for the value I deliver.

    So…. WITHOUT A DOUBT… the BEST part about MI40 is getting over SEVEN (7) hours of coaching time with me on HD video! SEVEN HOURS of life-changing step-by-step instruction! That would cost you $1,050 if you came to Tampa, Florida to hire me. But you won’t have to pay even close to $1,050 and you’re so much more with the entire MI40-Foundation System today!


    Component 8

    Size Secrets Audio Interrogation

    One thing I love about our sport is that you’re never perfect. Some aspect of your nutrition, training, supplementation or recovery can always be improved. There are so many factors to consider! Learning about these little subtleties is what I love doing!

    In this exclusive audio interrogation, I reveal more uncommon and “under-the-radar” strategies that have helped me produce the greatest gains. I have accumulated lots of straightforward knowledge while rubbing shoulders with the smartest doctors, therapists and trainers on the planet. One thing is for certain: each gem shared will help you pack on some serious size.


    $27 Value

    Because you’ve read this far and are visiting the site during the $50 Off “Re-Launch Sale”, you have the
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    Frankly, this is an absolute steal considering that the value of the Online Video footage alone would normally cost you $1,050 (7 hours of my time in person at $150 an hour). To attend one of my 3-hr seminars would cost from $50-$100 per person, and they are often sold out weeks in advance.

    Not to mention that my seminar appearance fees range from $3,000 to $7,000 per day and hosts pay it gladly. That was not a misprint: $3,000 – $7,000 a day!

    Do you think any individual of sound mind would pay that kind of money if I didn’t deliver TEN times the value? Heck, no! Just like the seminar attendees, you too will be absolutely THRILLED when I reveal my methods.

    This small $77 drop-in-the-bucket price is less than what you would pay for some average trainer who knows next to nothing about muscle-growth; and absolutely NOTHING when it comes to the growth-mechanisms of MI40-Foundation & NOS ™

    Here’s a clue that you’re getting the DEAL of a lifetime: if you visited me in Tampa, Florida, to go through all 40 individual workouts, you’d pay $6,000 for the 6 weeks and it would be, hands down, the best money you’ve ever invested; but, because I’m on the road at the Arnold Classic, my time is limited and $6,000 is not practical or realistic, so I’m handing you the opportunity to take MI40-Foundation into your own home and gym.

    In short, you have the chance to get your hands on a PROVEN muscle-gaining system strategically designed by a world-class body transformation expert, muscle-building authority, and one of the best bodybuilders in the world and, specifically, for anyone serious about twice the muscle in half the time.

    Imagine 10, 20, 30 Lbs. of New Size for You!


    Listen, I promised not to BS you. You might be able to get your dream body without me… but at what price? Do you have countless hours to spend, rather than invest, in the gym?

    Ultimately… it’s your body and you’ve got the two options below… Which one do you prefer?

    OPTION #1

    Hope What You’re Doing Is Right…

    Let’s face it – this approach is like playing the lottery. You follow some good information on one blog but then start following some bad information (unknowingly) from another blog and end up spinning your wheels. Sound familiar?

    Hey, maybe one day all the fitness blogs and experts will finally agree and reveal the golden ticket to a perfect body? And then you would stop getting those questions you hate, such as “Do you work out?” You can’t tell!

    So, sure, you can keep throwing a lot of fitness info to the wall and hope that a few of the tips stick. Just be prepared to sacrifice hours of blood, sweat and tears while watching time pass you by – time you could spend celebrating in your new body and spend enjoying your new life.

    OPTION #2

    The Proven MI40-Foundation Training & Nutrition System…

    In essence, MI40-Foundation is a clear-cut, tried-and-tested, real- world way to train muscles & leave the gym KNOWING you have done enough to grow! Not only is that amazing but you’ll transform your body from “average” to AWESOME!

    In a nutshell, I’m giving you EIGHTEEN (18) years of my life!

    Let me spell it out for you: I JUST SHORT-CUT YOUR SUCCESS!

    I don’t want you to ever leave the gym thinking, “Did I do enough?” Or even worse, “Damn, I feel I could’ve done more!” That all ends RIGHT NOW. I want you to get those sexy abs that she’ll love; I want you to be “The Man” in your gym; I want you to look at your body with pride and victory. You deserve all that.

    With MI40-Foundation, I’ve laid it all out on a silver platter for you – the exact system I’ve used to take my body to the top pro bodybuilding ranks in the world; the same system that has taken “so-so” physiques to pro status; the same system followed by world champions & pro athletes; and the same system responsible for hundreds of regular individuals achieving twice the muscle in half the time.

    And here’s the wildest part:

    My system comes with a no-questions, no-quibbles, 60-day money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you find that my system is not perfect for you, just send it back any time within 60 DAYS, and it costs you NOTHING!

    GuaranteeRISK FREE


    Look, if the success stories and proof didn’t already convince you,
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    In fact , I’m so confident that MI40-Foundation is the Fastest and Simplest Muscle-
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    abs , back, arms, delts, legs and chest when followed, it’s all yours
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    So, you’re free to download the whole thing, and try it out. Watch the videos, check out the nutrition plans, and try out NOS and “intent” just to try it on for size (no pun intended)….

    If you follow the entire MI40-Foundation training & nutrition system exactly as
    prescribed in the course, and do not gain more muscle mass in the next 40 days than you ever had previously, you have the right to prompt and full refund, no questions asked.
    Could any offer be fairer than that?

    And if you don’t get bigger and leaner in less time, or just don’t like the system, no problems at all!

    You’ll get every last cent refunded to you no questions asked.
    I just want to be crystal clear that it is a completely
    no-risk purchase.

    All the pressure and risk is on me

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    Go ahead… give me the word and we’ll get started. You’ve got nothing to lose… and so much to gain. That’s a personal promise you can take to the bank. Buy Now!

    little ben

    I’m absolutely thrilled to make a difference in your life and hear about the new gains you achieve in the
    next short 40 days. My success is your success so let’s make this happen, okay? Yours in fitness, health and passion!

    Benjamin Pakulski

    P.S. There is absolutely no way that you can lose – except by not letting the MI40-Foundation Training & Nutrition System work for you. I’m handing you a 60-day, risk-free guarantee to test out my shortcuts to get big & lean in less time and our dozens of test subjects have already proven MI40 works like gangbusters. So, what are you waiting for? Join us RISK-FREE today. I’m seriously looking forward to working with you.


    What exactly is MI40-Foundation and why is it so effective?

    MI40-Foundation is the culmination of all of the most effective shortcuts I have ever come across and developed to build muscle and get lean in less time. It’s radically different from anything the popular bodybuilding websites and magazines teach and was “birthed” from my exhaustive education from the world’s brightest doctors, therapists, and performance coaches.

    The mechanism behind the effectiveness of MI40-Foundation are NOS ™ & using conscious intent. NOS stands for Neurological Overload Sets and contributes to muscle growth and to the overcoming of plateaus. It’s THIS set that ensures you never walk out of the gym wondering, “Did I do enough?” and on the flip side it ensures you never worry, “Did I overtrain?” Intent teaches you how to “feel” your muscles when going heavier and heavier presents more risk than reward. It is the ideal tool to exhaust your muscles safely.

    The number forty has been proven to be the ideal amount of time for virtually every muscle-building variable: everything from the length of time it takes to adapt to a new program, workout length, set length, rest period length, best-foods, and best-exercises. Every aspect that is missing in your training is contained here for long-lasting gains.


    To whom do you recommend the MI40-Foundation program?

    MI40-Foundation is the perfect program for anyone looking to improve the quality of their time in the gym and improve the appearance of their physique. In short, it’s strategically designed to get big and lean in less time.


    Can I follow MI40-Foundation if I need to lose fat?

    You SHOULD be following MI40-Foundation if you want to lose weight. This is the most optimal way to train, for someone looking to change their body composition; i.e., increase lean muscle mass and burn fat mass because it is brief, intense, and harnesses the power of your fat-burning hormones.

    MI40-Foundation is not circuit-style weight training, which can certainly help you lose weight but will not shape and sculpt your appearance as effectively as intense and direct muscle work. In short, if you want to appear muscular and ripped, MI40-Foundation is calling your name.


    What if I’m not a “young buck” — will this work if I’m considerably older?

    Age is a number. I know guys in their 60s in better shape than most 25 year olds. The trick is to maximize your efficiency in the gym, and spend more time recovering from short, intense workouts. Brief, yet still intense, workouts will accumulate LESS INFLAMMATION.


    Is there any age “too young” if interested in MI40-Foundation?

    I would never morally recommend that anyone under the age of 15 engage in an intense workout regime. Beyond that, the age at which you are mentally able to approach learning new training techniques and concepts without an ego, is the right age. For some, this may be 16; for others, 45 may be too soon.


    I’m an interested female. Will this work just as fast for me?

    Some females have had the most outstanding results! Hormone regulation is probably even more important for women looking to build muscle and get lean, than it is for men. The techniques in MI40-Foundation allow you to optimize hormone levels through proper, intense training, and nutrition concepts such as my trademark Three-Phase Nutrition protocol that transforms your body like nothing else.


    I’m a complete beginner and wondering if I should try this program?

    Although the concepts set forth in this program are designed to be more advanced, the basic principles in this program can and should be applied to anyone that steps foot in a gym.

    The exercise execution guide and online videos are crystal-clear and demonstrate how to perform every move safely and efficiently. MI40-Foundation combines over one hundred thousand dollars of graduate and post-graduate education into one system. MI40-Foundation will be your finest learning experience ever.


    How many 40-day cycles can I do consecutively?

    ONE! MI40-Foundation is hard. It will demand a lot of your body. Your muscles will be exhausted and your nervous system will be overloaded. That’s the point of the program.

    The gains you make after the program will exceed that of any program you have ever encountered. This is one of the greatest features of MI40-Foundation. You will grow while you’re on it AND continue to grow for months afterward because you have trained your nervous system to recruit a greater number of motor units and thereby contract MORE MUSCLE!
    In essence, MI40-Foundation will make all your future workout programs work faster and better.


    I’m a competitive bodybuilder. Will this prepare me for my next show?

    It does for me! And it does for many of my top-level national bodybuilders. You may want to make some adjustments to the last two weeks or start this program eight weeks from the contest and reduce the training load for the last two weeks. After picking up the program, feel free to consult with me personally on this matter and I’ll make sure you nail it.


    What kind of supplements are involved in MI40-Foundation?

    I have made recommendations based on improving performance, maximizing natural testosterone, speeding recovery, and something that I am HUGE on — reducing inflammation. Some of my recommendations will be familiar; many you may not know about and are often overlooked but just as effective. The less-common nutritional supplements are the ones you NEED to know about and you’ll find out what the best are from A-Z, for each of your main fitness goals.


    How did you discover NOS ™?


    Being a research junky, I had always read about overloading the muscle and overloading the nervous system to stimulate new muscle and strength gains, respectively. Time under tension was proven to be the number one factor correlating with muscle growth and overload!

    Something clicked in my brain! Time under MAXIMAL TENSION! This had to be better than just time under tension! And so, my GROWTH BABY was born, and shortly you will see NOS in action when you pick up MI40-Foundation today!


    How did you discover Intent?

    Intent was introduced to me by a very good friend of mine who is a Physical Therapist of sorts. His modality is called MAT(Muscle Activation Technique) – This guy knows the body like few people I have ever met. He is also an instructor of one of THE most incredible training certifications in the world: RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) created by genius and fitness pioneer Tom Purvis. An hour with Tom would cost you upwards of $500. His concepts are extremely scientific and complex but some of the most brilliant stuff in the world.


    Would this work for someone taking steroids?

    Sure. Steroids increase recovery. Faster recovery means more frequent workouts and, therefore, increased strength.


    How did you recruit your test group?

    My test group was completely random. I pulled most people off my Facebook fan page, others from a seminar in Canada, and others were friends of some of my fitness colleagues who wanted to build some quality muscle and wanted to see why I was coined as The Master Molder! As you saw above, MI40-Foundation works for anyone willing to put in the time, effort, and open-mindedness about new methods.


    Are there any downsides to MI40-Foundation?

    It’s addictive! Forty different workouts in total! The only downside to the program is that it requires hard work, focus, and commitment to get the greatest results possible. Just like anything else in life, what did you expect? If you were to apply only 1/10th of the methods in MI40-Foundation, you would still experience dramatic results. Intent alone will pack on slabs of muscle for years to come.


    What are the advantages to the MI40-Foundation program?

    Precision means that every detail has been meticulously calculated into the program; nothing has been left to random-chance. The workout length, set length, rest period, exercise selection, exercise order, food selection have all been calculated into the program. Everything!

    STRUCTURE is in reference to the forty individual workouts in MI40-Foundation. Each week you rotate through different exercises so you’re not following the same 7-day workout 6 times (40 days). Every workout is a new and refreshing experience!

    It just seems like a no-brainer to be able to go into the gym and KNOW that you’re doing the right thing to build muscle and will not leave thinking, “Did I do enough?”, or, “Did I overtrain?”. Say goodbye to those uncertainties forever.


    Is MI40-Foundation downloadable or shipped to my house?

    For the next 60 days, it is available by download only, and after your order is complete, you can transfer everything from my website to your computer. It’s brain-dead easy and I’ll show you how, in case you’re not great with computers!

    Since the demand is high and people want results NOW, I’ve decided to release MI40-Foundation as a digital program and to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.

    This gives me an extra 60 days to create a hardcopy version of MI40-Foundation that will be available to those who want a hardcopy version at a later date. Please note, the hardcopy version will be at least TWICE as much as the current sale price. Order now!

    If I delayed the release of MI40-Foundation any longer I think I would start getting hate mail. LOL!


    What if the program doesn’t work for me?

    If you READ this program, WATCH the ONLINE VIDEOS, and can FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS, there is NO DOUBT it will work for you and for everyone who puts in an honest effort.

    I am SO sure that it works for every single person who follows it that I will offer a complete money-back guarantee: no questions asked.

    I don’t think I could be any more fair, could I?

    I sincerely look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your dream body. I’ll see you on the other side!

    NOTE: MI40-Foundation is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals, digital videos and audio files. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!). The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

    © 2020. & Ben Pakulski Athletics. All rights reserved.

    Back In Action – Interactive Back Pain Relief Program For 2020!

    Back In Action – Interactive Back Pain Relief Program For 2020!

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    Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics

    Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics

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    But it wasn’t always that way…

    Although I was making progress it took me years to get to the point where stunts like human flag, planche, one arm pushup or pullups were not impossible anymore.


    I was making mistakes;

    I didn’t know how should I work out

    I was getting stuck and had no idea why

    I didn’t have enough knowledge;

    There was nobody to guide me;

    I had no idea how and what to train

    My progress was so slow, I was getting demotivated

    I was missing a system to follow and get better every day

    So I experimented… for years and it was PAINFUL…

    And even with programs like Convict Conditioning coming out, it was hard. CC have a very limited number of progressions and do not pay attention to skill work, balance, flexibility and mobility which makes it impossible to progress if you are a beginner (I’ve been there).

    I saw on my own skin how

    well structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength

    muscle gains and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body.

    All naturally. I didn’t need a gym. I Didn’t need a barbell. I don’t need a box. There was just ,me, my body and a bar…

    Progressive Calisthenics is straightforward in its principles…yet…

    Yet every day I get emails from all of you asking me how to get started. For years I have been teaching and perfecting the art of bodyweight strength training and although there is so much information out there its extremely confusing and unhelpful for somebody who has no previous experience with bodyweight strength training.

    That’s why I have created this guide…

    So you don’t need to spend years figuring it out… Instead, Just Follow the Proven System For Superhuman Strenght…

    The Man Diet

    The Man Diet

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    1. You get to tailor your diet to your routine.

    There is no strict “do this not this” when it comes to meal scheduling. We’ve created multiple scenarios that you can tailor to your routine, whether you’re a night owl, or an early riser, there’s a place in the Man Diet for you.

    2. You don’t have to count calories.

    I’ve always hated counting calories. It makes a nutrition plan that much harder to follow. So we’re not going to do it. We show you what to eat and when, and the guidelines are set up in such a way that you can eat more of the healthy, tasty foods you love, and burn even more fat.

    3. You get to cheat.

    We all have cravings. What most people don’t know is that there are actually ways we can use these cravings to our fat loss advantage, not to our detriment. In the Man Diet we show you how to cheat so you can burn more fat eating tasty, even sugary meals.

    4. You’re going to be able to sustain. 

    Most diets, especially for men, aren’t sustainable. This isn’t so much a diet, as a way of eating that you can maintain -easily – for the rest of your life. Your results don’t have to stop, ever.

    5. You’re going to feel the changes within the first 2 weeks. 

    You won’t have to wait long to feel, and see the changes that the Man Diet is making to your physique. Many of my clients begin to see real, visible changes within the first 2 weeks.

    6. You’ll have support. 

    I’m actually going to be with you every step of the way, answering questions, emails, and providing support. When you buy this incredible, revolutionary program, you’re also gaining a tribe and a community that has your back.

    The Man Diet is a diet that’s ONLY meant for men.

    Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your TRUE GENETIC POTENTIAL, but you’ll learn how to eat in a way that will keep your T levels high, your body fat low, without eating a ton of bland, boring foods.

    It’s a diet that guys can actually stick too, nay, it’s a diet that’s filled with food groups that are probably A LOT testier than the one’s you’re consuming now.

    Would you like to increase your energy levels so you can play more with your kids, get more work done, and do more with your life?

    Would you like to finally get a set of six pack abs WITHOUT dieting and starving yourself?

    Would you like to get stronger, and become a more confident guy?

    The man diet is what you’ve been missing.

    Are you ready to start eating like a man?

    This isn’t simply a meal plan, it’s a guide to eating right, and living optimally for the rest of your life.

    The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

    The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid Weight Loss Program

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    mother Of two Loses Over 70 LBs!

    Watch the video below to see how Amanda has lost over 70 lbs. using The Smoothie Diet

    * Amanda’s used everthing she learned to keep the weight coming off for several months. Your results may vary.

    Still Have Questions? I’ve got you covered!

    I need to lose more weight, how do I continue after the 21 days?

    The best part of The Smoothie Diet is that you can use it for as long as you need, to lose as much weight as you want. I make it super simple to continue using everything you learn in the first 3 weeks to extend the program for the next few weeks or even months. And each additional week will be just as enjoyable as the first three! My goal is to give you all the tools you need to continue losing weight and getting healthy for as long as you need to.

    Won’t I just gain all the weight back?

    Unlike other diets, this is not a “quick-fix”. 21 days is only the beginning to a lifetime of better health and a slimmer body. The #1 comment I get on The Smoothie Diet is that after a few weeks, the cravings for sweets and junk foods have essentially disappeared. This makes it very easy to keep the weight off. I also show you exactly how to transition back into your regular eating patterns after the 21 days while still incorporating smoothies into your diet to keep the weight off. In fact, most people love the smoothies so much they don’t want to give them up after the 21 days! As some of my clients have said, this is a complete life-transformation program.

    I have type-2 diabetes, will this work for me?

    Fresh, whole fruits, as well as blended green smoothies not only provide a healthy way for diabetics to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet, green smoothies also may help reverse some of the diet and lifestyle problems that exacerbate diabetes, or contributes to its progression. The great thing about the Smoothie Diet is that it kicks off a chain-reaction of lifestyle changes that reduce or eliminate the factors that exacerbate the disease, and reverses the condition in some individuals. Please note that while I am a nutrition expert, I am not a doctor. If you have diabetes or ANY other health condition, you should always consults with your doctor first before making any dietary changes.

    I don’t have a lot of time in the day, is this hard to follow?

    If you don’t have a lot of time in the day, then this program is PERFECT for you. My ideal customer is a busy mom who works, goes to school, has errands to run, kids to drop off/pick up, etc. I designed this program to be super simple and take minutes a day. I even provide tips on how to cut corners to shave some valuable extra minutes off your smoothie prep. The recipes are quick to make and you can either enjoy them right after you make them or take them with you. You’ll always have a delicious, filling meal with you. And if you can press one button on your blender then you can follow this program 🙂

    Do I need an expensive blender or are the ingredients hard to find?

    With the increased popularity of smoothies, blender prices have gotten very competitive. The most important thing is to have a blender with a strong motor. While the bender you have now will probably work just fine, If you are serious about making a big change in your health, then I show you some of the top-of-the-line blenders. But I also show you cheaper models that will work just fine and are under $50. The ingredients are not hard to find and if they are, I provide a full “Swap List” that shows you easy substitutes to use if you can’t find something.

    Is there anything that comes in the mail?

    This is a fully digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail. The great thing about this is that you will have access to it in minutes. You don’t have to wait for anything to arrive on your doorstep. I want to harness the excitement you’re feeling right now and get you started right away. You can even do your week 1 shopping today and start tomorrow…or start today! The files are in PDF format. After you checkout, you will automatically be taken to a page where you can download and view everything on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For those of you who would prefer a printed book, the Quickstart Bonus is designed for this. It is a 20-page shortened version of the main guide that can be printed out and followed just like a printed book.

    What if it doesn’t work for me?

    If for some reason this program does not work for you even though you have followed it exactly as I have laid out, I have no problem giving you a full refund. I’ll even cover you for a full 60 days so if you are unhappy for any reason over the next 2 months, you get your money back. If you are not happy with the program, then I don’t want you to have to pay for it. I believe in building relationships with my customers and your satisfaction is my #1 priority.

    Yes Drew, I’m sick and tired of being overweight, having no energy, and worrying about my health. I’m ready to make a change! I understand that my order is fully guaranteed for 60 days and I will have instant access to the program after ordering so I can start burning fat as soon as today!

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